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Roberts Space Industries ®

NomadSoul's Alliance Fighters / NSAF

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Infiltration

Welcome Citizens ! … For info feel free to join us

Simply send a Friend request on Discord MAVERICK#2658


Have you ever met someone for the first time…. but something is telling you that you have met before in the Universe ? If that is the case…. Then you must be one of the rare wandering Souls out there.

We are coming from all over the world and from many parts of the universe…. Gathered together, we know each other, a bunch of Strange Explorers, Mercenaries, some…. would call us ‘‘Citizens of Interest…. Military Veterans, Drunk Pilots…. and Wise men.

Always up for a good laugh and a warm Coffee for some…. or a Cold Beer for others, on board of our ships…. or sitting at the Bar…. like…. a bunch of Old Souls laughing at the face of Death. Passionate for exploration, Armed with Wisdom, and Honor we stick together, we Help, we find and sometimes…. lend a hand to the Lost ones in the Dark whom deserve the Help.

Many parts of the Universe have we seen, crossed paths with many Citizen’s…. and not always the best ones oh no. Mistreated some of us have been….but we shall not forget. Many are Hunting us…. Many will hunt you one day as well.

Quite an experience living in fear isn’t it ??

We’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Bengal ships on fire off the shoulder of Crusader. We’ve watched Pilots and convoys blowing up like seen glitter in the dark , near the Gate of Black Holes. All those moments will be lost in time…. like tears in the rain so shall be forgotten…. there so called Commander.

Time is for you not to fear them but to Join the NomadSoul’s Alliance Fighters.


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Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!