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The Northstar Consortium / NSCON

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Welcome to our Org Profile. Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to join us.



We were the few, the relentless, and the feared. A private military company of legend, indivisible and undeniable. It was said among our number that there were few in the galaxy who could challenge us. When we jumped into a system, two things happened, ships ran, and ships challenged us. The runners were always the ones to tell the tale. We were legion. Warriors of legend among the stars. Our presence was felt wherever we went.

The fall didn’t happen all at once. It was a slow burn, the reactor warning lights didn’t come on until it was almost too late. Leadership within our band of warriors had always been strict but never before had we born the brunt of its wrath. As we built our number within our ranks, sometimes our orders rubbed us the wrong way, but we followed them regardless, being good soldiers and pilots. Then came the collapse. After an operation our performance was classified as, less than sufficient, though we had always given our best. The higher ups spat in our faces, the tyrants refused us at the door. We were reprimanded for flying wing to wing with what they considered a rival group. Branded traitors we did what we had to, we fought, and fought hard.

When the dust settled, we rose, rose like the Northstar over a midnight sky, as sure and as bright in the heavens. Our former legion, shattered and weakened, abandoned us rather than face its own faults. It mattered little. Out of the ashes rose The Northstar Consortium, a conglomerate, a sanctuary, a home. Named for the star that rises no matter what, it reminds us of where we came from, and that we continue to rise. A family filled with camaraderie for those who want power in the people.

Since the Collapse, our numbers have swelled, those who also seek a refuge and shelter from the storm of the galaxy have come to join us. They flee the abuse of power, corruption, and untold multitudes of misfortunes from dictatorships like we once did. Northstar Consortium has become a sanctuary for those seeking to become something more than themselves without the shackles of tyrannical leadership. Members of the Northstar Consortium enjoy a community where your contributions are more important than your perceived rank. The collective group as a whole succeeds when all members are accounted for and the whole holds the power opposed to a singular individual.

When the Tevarin fell, many of their number joined us in the aftermath. Watching their civilization fall, they sought shelter from oppression, and found it in Northstar. While others pillaged and plundered the misfortune of the Tevarin, Northstar helped them rise to their potential and above the loss of their homeworld. With their contributions Northstar was able to grow from its meager roots as well as use their skills to delve into new realms of industry and community. During the Messer Era dictatorship, those in the outer systems who felt neglected by the Terra centric Messer authoritarian regime, flocked to the Consortium to aid in their fight against crime sprees, as well as goods shortages. Northstar took this opportunity to diversify into other fields. From our meager PMC roots Northstar is now proud to offer a wide range of resources and activities in military, industry, and research. This has expanded tenfold with the advent of the Vanduul on the outer reaches of Human space. With the Fall of Orion, among other worlds, Northstar has seen an increase in talent flocking to our halls. While the UEE and other organizations focus on combatting the Vanduul threat, Northstar has ensured it will be able to seek out opportunities as well as provide a helping hand to those affected.

Northstar Consortium enjoys the benefits provided with its open door policy and vested interest in the success of its members. Those who join also are able to reap these benefits in our community based movement. For those that seek us, we shall be a guiding star like the navigators of old once relied on. We are those that have risen to shine in the midnight sky.

We Are The Northstar Consortium.


The Northstar Consortium is founded upon the following principles:

Article 1. All members of the Northstar Consortium are equal in rights and are free to choose their own path within Consortium.

Article 2. The Consortium’s primary responsibility is to protect and promote the rights of its members. These rights are as follows:

The right to determine your own playstyle, so long as it does not: A. violate UEE law B. infringe upon the rights of other Consortium members. The right to own, operate and administer your own ships, bases or property. The right for you and your property to be safe from harm The right for you to resist those who would infringe upon the previous rights, e.g. oppressors.

Article 3. The Consortium itself, and no individual within it or outside of it, is where the sovereignty resides. No individual or group of individuals carry authority outside of that which the Consortium expressly provides them.

Article 4. The Consortium follows UEE law. The Consortium has the ability to introduce new laws as required, so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of the members, and are limited to measures that forbid members from doing harm to the Consortium or its members. No actions outside of these laws will be impeded by the Consortium. The Northstar Consortium Constitution outlines how laws, directives or motions are created and employed.

Article 5. The Consortium allows for members to express their opinions freely within the org, so long as this right is not abused, leading to the infringement upon the rights of other members or violation of the law.

Article 6. The Consortium allows for all members to be equally represented by the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, regardless of region.

Article 7. The Consortium must provide a defense force that will help it guarantee the rights of its members.

Article 8. Members of the consortium agree to contribute towards the maintenance of a defense force. This contribution is mandatory and is equally distributed to all members of the Consortium, based on their ability to pay.

Article 9. All members of the Consortium have the right and ability to ascertain the need for organization taxes, and to consent to them. The amounts and usage of these taxes are provided to the members.

Article 10. All members of the Consortium have the right to request a record of the organization’s finances from any public agent or the Consortium itself.


Mission Statement

The primary Mission of the Northstar Consortium (NSCON) is to deliver the most enjoyable possible gameplay experiences for our members. Above all else, we aim to do this by sustaining and evolving our organization proactively with the changing needs of our community and the development of the game. Our leadership, policies, and practices support this Mission in all facets, to make our players and community thrive. Enjoyable and active gameplay – and diminished “idle time” – are cornerstones of our success.
Our Vision

NSCON members enjoy the freedom to explore or master the rich and varied areas of lawful gameplay (careers) … whether working solo or cooperatively within our community; whether a specialist or someone versed in many game careers; whether joining/launching spontaneous activities or joining NSCON coordinated events … with each member enjoying the full support of the NSCON community, access to activities, and our tools, knowledgeable player base, and training opportunities as desired with which to thrive.

The Northstar Consortium (NSCON)

NSCON is a self-governed military-industrial complex within the UEE, founded in 2947 by UEE Charter. NSCON is bound to follow the law as set by the UEE. It has the ability to purchase or sell real estate, goods or services anywhere in the UEE. It may also stake claims on land outside of the UEE, and engage in trade with parties not associated with the UEE. It also has the ability to train and field its own private defense force, and employ it as required.


NSCON is divided into three profession types, Military, Science and Industry, each offering distinct gameplay types. Members may join any division, and are not locked down into the division they choose, but may remain where they are if they so choose. Advanced training will be made available to members in each profession. This training will be led by a specialist.


Governance of the Consortium is made up of two distinct tiers, the Legislative tier and the Executive tier.
The Legislative tier (the Legislature) creates and deploys the directives that govern the Consortium. The Legislature is made up of two Boards: the Board of Directors, and the Board of Trustees. All major organization-level decision making is done by the Board of Directors. The Board of Trustees handles the various administration duties of the Consortium and also acts to ensure that the government as a whole follows the edicts laid out by the Northstar Consortium Constitution. Trustees and Directors are elected by the general membership, and serve for one (1) year terms. The elections for Directors are staggered from those for Trustees by six (6) months. There is one (1) Director per region and two (2) Trustees per region.

The Executive tier implements and enforces the directives created by the Legislature. Members of the Executive tier are appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Executive tier is comprised of members appointed to the following positions:

Divisional leads and officers Specialists Mentors Archivists Moderators Website Developers (Web-Dev)

These roles may be found directly in-game, or may be involved in maintaining and developing the Consortium’s social media and website presence outside of the game. The duties of members in these roles are laid out in more detail in the Administrative Roles document, available on our website: