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Welcome to the NightSong, a community of gamers Breaking the Meta. Whether you want to fly with us or just hire us, give us a buzz on Discord. As long as there is crap to get done we will be doing it!


The NightSong Directorate formed over a decade ago in the aftermath of one the great EVE wars with the simple goals of having fun while living life. As the organization grew in EVE, we built a small empire. As pirates, mercenaries, and industrialists we roamed the galaxy where the solar winds blew. In the downtime between escapades, we branched out into other games, and we formed a community of gamers, irregardless of origin, creed, or history.

Our community loves a challenge. We look for games that challenge us, be they fantasy, modern, or futuristic. However, we always found ways to break them, to break the meta. A statement we have taken as our motto: Breaking the Meta, one game at a time.

But then we heard a visionary with a great and bright vision for a new game! One with aspects from many we have played, that combine skill with spectrum. Star Citizen!

Now it’s your turn. Are you willing to Break the Meta?


Our goal is simply Breaking the Meta.

We are always looking for unique ways to win and profit. Sometimes that’s with a golden horseshoe, sometimes by a black flag, but always in the search of fun. As explorers, mercenaries, privateers, and industrialists we are looking for adventure.

But enough about us, right now the better question is who’s asking? No, seriously, who? Want to find out more, join us on our Discord.


The NightSong Directorate is a coalition of gamers from a wide background, a loose alliance with similar objectives, capable of great ire and grace. Our rules are more of guidelines. Some of our sub-organizations may have more rigid codes of conduct, but these are the base tenets of NSD:

A) Real life trumps game life. Members cannot let the game supersede reality.

B) With a history as privateers, we know there is a fine line between content and griefing. For our definition griefing is when the objective goes from engaging in fun to engaging in keeping others from fun. Don’t prevent anyone from playing. Don’t grief.

C) Honor your word. But bring a gun. And a few friends with guns.

Obviously this will be edited from time to time, as needed.

Want to know more or make a complaint regarding a member? Follow the link to join our Discord.