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NanoTrasen Incorporated / NTINC

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NanoTrasen – Leading the Phoron Industry since 2528


Early History

NanoTrasen started out as a small company, whose research was mostly based around gene-therapy in the heart of human space, Mars. This was shortly prior to the series of scandals over cloning being reserved to the rich rather than being provided to industrialist fodder in the most prosperous part of Sol – NanoTrasen was effective at patenting methods that lead to more cost effective coverage plans for business use, primarily through aggressive business tactics than personal research brilliance- Many minor bio/med research facilities ended up on the unpleasant end of Xavier Trasen’s desire to make a name for himself and shark-like approach, and were bought out and taken apart for his company’s capitalization. By the end of the decade, NanoTrasen became a trans-stellar entity.

The discovery of Phoron

At the turning point of the 26th Century, Phoron was discovered. NanoTrasen and its competitors were, naturally, the foremost corporations in attempting to exploit this valuable new resource, and they all set up numerous stations and factories around the Phoron Giants in order to exploit the resource. This only jump-started the economy, and the so-called Orange Rush began, with all of the corporations attempting to find as many uses of the valuable Phoron as possible in order to profit the most from the human governments. Research facilities, stations, ships and other installations were being manufactured faster than ever. NanoTrasen was one of the more bloodthirsty corporations, and managed to bankrupt and absorb many other companies on a larger scale that ever before. Many feel NanoTrasen’s only defining ability is in capitalizing upon others hard work- And not an entirely untrue assumption. Nonetheless, this only further increased NanoTrasen’s power and scope, ratcheting it up to the status of a true super-corporation, one of the top 10 most expansive business empires in the galaxy.

Present Day

NanoTrasen is one of the big super-corporations in the modern day. It deals in research of the most advanced sciences, such as genetics, blue space, and – recently – the uses of Phoron. They also have a sizable asset protection and security branch with which they secure both investments and occasionally new acquisitions – a distressing rival to some minor star systems, and a powerful administrative branch sitting atop it all, directing their company’s actions. NanoTrasen is characterized by its aggression and questionable ethics, which, combined with the high emphasis they put on new, untested and dangerous technology, means their installations are often considered unsafe and hazardous.

To a degree few of its competitors could achieve, NanoTrasen owes its success to diversity and quick reactions to unfolding events aboard its starships. Worth a distinct laugh to employees who are told of this, NanoTrasen’s fluidity and aggression tactics are still considered the core of its success. While most facilities get their personnel already prepared for specific roles, among the stars situation often changes quickly and drastically – far faster than a flight of a shuttle from the nearest NanoTrasen’s station takes – and so the choice of assignments is up to the commanding officers (especially – Head of Personnel) depending on the most urgent needs at the moment. NanoTrasen hires almost anyone possessing a skill in areas such as science, medicine or space-engineering and every contracted worker after passing a couple of basic tests can hope for a good pay in space, especially if sent to an important installation.

NanoTrasen hiring process is often flimsy in sorting out industrial spies, as a result of this simple hiring process, often instead keeping orders on high to make the best of having even rival talent or tattlers on payroll – a reality in the modern day – using the best of loopholes to ensure from an entry level position, it would be impossible, although sorely testing, to find the launch for a lawsuit or get away with real assets. Often experts skilled in almost any area areas such as detective work, cooking or sanitation also find their place on NanoTrasen’s payroll and on board corporation’s ships for support.

NanoTrasen’s history and policies give a paradoxical reputation as both a life ruiner and one of the best second chances many people will get.


Company Goals

NanoTrasen is a company designed about Infrastructure, Profit, and Ease of access for all customers of Nanotrasen Incorporated. We at Nanotrasen pride ourselves on our ability to overcome all obstacles the company has come to face. Since our first main competitor, The Research Syndicate, we have proven our ability to completely decimate all competition.

By investing in NanoTrasen, you are making a solid investment in the future of human kind. NanoTrasen is the future, and the future starts with you.

Company Activities


NanoTrasen’s goal is to discover new resources and materials in order to continually produce as much new materials as possible. All new resources should be hastily reported and will quickly be investigated by the nearest Central Command station. Assuming the discovery is viable, the discoverer will be greatly rewarded1.

Station colonization are to be used for gas giants, while ground-based complexes may be used on rocky bodies dependent on the degree of available resources. Any newly discovered Phoron deposits should be immediately forwarded to your nearest Command Station via the Bluespace communication network.

Previously undiscovered materials shall be shipped off in small quantities for research at a more properly equipped science station, and production of new technologies shall be developed. At any given point, you may be asked to stay on a recently discovered planet with your available space craft to guard the discovery. This is not to be considered overtime and you will not be paid as such.


NanoTrasen prides itself on it’s highly effective trading routes. Nanotrasen trades all commodities, both directly to civilians and to other manufacturers and companies. They produce both simple sheet resources and machines/tech themselves. Nanotrasen primarily sells fuel and other resources, however some more advanced technologies such as engines.

NanoTrasen is, by far, the largest exporter of Phoron, with a near monopoly over Phoron exports. Other exports are illegally sourced and are generally much more expensive than Nanotrasen Sources, so purchase responsibly2. P.A.C.M.A.N. Portable Power Generators are also available for purchase, which operate on solid Phoron. See your local NanoTrasen -supplied mega store for more information.


NanoTrasen is one of the top scientific companies among common Trans-Stellar corporations. With many new innovations such as the Bag of Holding3 providing new Bluespace-based methods for expanding our storage capacity, and the Supermatter engine providing previously unobtainable power levels, we are advancing into the future at a rate of knots.

NanoTrasen is the forefront of technological advancement in the present day, from its roots as a genetics company to a high-tech Trans-Stellar organization, NanoTrasen has been at the front line of all advances within the fields of technology and plans to continue to hold this position for many years to come. At this time, as Trans-Stellar organizations are on the rise, it will not be long until NanoTrasen faces fierce competition, which will no doubt strengthen it’s position. NanoTrasen welcomes this competition with open arms, as many years of market research have shown that the only result can be a more refined product on our end.

It is our goal to provide all of the resources needed to provide a safer, healthier, more enjoyable universe for everyone involved. We would be delighted if you could join us in this en devour.

Thank you for buying with NanoTrasen. Fly Safe.

1 Your name will be listed on a large list of accomplished individuals and nothing more do not ask for more or you will lose this privilege too. It is an honor to be among the famous innovators of our time.

2 Any affiliation with illegal sources as a method for bypassing Phoron caps imposed by the Sol Government will regretfully result in inability to purchase legitimatized Phoron for a 5 year period. These bans are in place to avoid terrorism as a result of Phoron fires and/or explosive devices, noted for their ability to set entire station-side atmospheres alight. Ensure that all Phoron handling is performed safely, legally, and, most of all, through NanoTrasen approved suppliers.

3 Not Yet Available for Public Consumption. Information about this device subject to change.


All NanoTrasen employed Personnel are expected to follow the guidelines that are laid out for them in the Corporate Regulations provided to all1 NanoTrasen employees before they begin their time aboard any of NanoTrasen’s Stations.


Personnel should also note that the laws native to the system they are presently in may or may not conflict with laws they are used to. In this situation, the laws of the system they are presently within come first, with Nanotrasen Corporate Regulations acting as an afterthought. Employees should be cognitive of the laws of the system they are entering in order to avoid prosecution.

NanoTrasen would like to remind all employees that they will not provide bail, health insurance, or any other service to personnel that become incarcerated or wounded as a result of foreign system law outside of Sol Government jurisdiction. They also remind you that they do not provide bail, health insurance, or any other service to personnel that become incarcerated or wounded as a result of anything at all, regardless of location within the universe.

1 Most. Per station there is approximately 4 Staff on average for every 1 copy of the Corporate Regulations.

2 NanoTrasen would like to remind you that some crimes may be overlooked in the interest of profits. Rest assured, this is unlikely and will never happen, however it is reminded that in situations such as this the self-governing nature of Trans-stellar organizations means that crimes not enforced in turn by the Sol Government technically need not apply if permission from at least one Chairman of a system’s assigned Central Command Station is provided.