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Nuke Zap Pirates / NUKEZAPPIR

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

The home for any low down colorful misfit scraped the bottom of a bucket. Living in the remains of a human colony in the dark and dangerous Vanduul territory, its about survival while having fun and living the adventure.




The origin to this band of random faces starts at the Vanduul invasion of the Orion system where what few survivors scrounged up what ships and parts they could. A local group of miners on the asteroid belts from the ZAP Space Mining Corp and the Pirate band called the Nukes were doing what they would normally do when the Vanduul invaded Orion system. The Vanduul missed many of the miners and pirates in the belts and attacked the planet proper. Those that survived realized the peril they were in and the need to get along was critical for their survival. The miners and pirates joined together to form the Nuke Zap Pirates, welcoming all who would join them regardless of their past or species as there was no need for more enemies with the ever dangerous and unpredictable Vanduul in and around the Orion system. The Nuke Zap Pirates activities are primarily geared towards raids of Vanduul cargo, scavenging space debris, and smuggling supplies to those few survivors on Orion.

What is known is that they have a system of calling themselves by how they are massed to the group.

  • The Atom is the leader who embodies the whole organization but in by no means operationally or politically controls it.
  • The Protons and Neutrons are the leaders of who have brought in their organizations under the Nuke Zap Pirates and conduct operations how they deem fit. The fundamental difference between the Protons and Neutrons is the number of Electrons and Quarks flying under their banner, as both have the power to recruit any to their efforts.
  • The Electrons and Quarks, the rank and file freelancers and pirates, who travel across space according to their own will, working for or without the leadership of a Proton or Neutron. The difference between the Electrons and Quarks is subject to debate, but mostly valued on experience and reliability of the pilot.
  • The Lowly Dark Matters are the outer most fringe of the Nuke Zap Pirates who have yet to become anything other than a wispy new potential Electron or Quark aligned under the Atom or a Proton/Neutron.

Nuke Zap Pirates are known for their willingness to work with other Pirates Syndicates in operations and missions as they are a transitory band.
In fact most Dark Matters are encouraged to serve as crew in other organizations ships within the Orion system in order to gain gunnery skill and build relationships.
The relationship to humans and most other species is generally friendly unless of course we are talking about persons with previously bad encounters with the Nuke Zaps or Vanduul which is universally negative.
That said even humans who have worked against the Nuke Zaps are welcomed to join if they so choose.


The Nuke Zap Pirates are:

A decentralized band of misfits composed of colorful criminal scum and independent minded freelancers.
1. We seek to provide logistical support for anyone gutsy enough to call the Orion system home.
2. We will do damage to any Vanduul asset with the Orion system.
3. Humans should not be targeted unless they have proven to be hostile.
4. We will attempt to capture ships at every available opportunity as equipment is very hard to come by inside Vanduul territory.
5. We will work with any organization as it is paramount for survival, which include crewing their ships (gunners, Boarding parties) and participation in operations and battles in the Orion system.



1. Have Fun
2. Anybody is welcome to join.
3. Humans aren’t the enemy, Vanduul are the enemy. Don’t target human ships unless attacked , except for organization that are out causing economic damage to our base in Orion. We support the locals.
4. Embrace your role-play and be whatever you desire, that includes even being yourself “in real life” as we all are truly just actors on the stage of life.
5. When working with other organizations we will follow their code of conduct and directives in any operation we jointly participate in (we don’t want to blow the operation and find ourselves uninvited to future events).
6. Don’t forget that rule number 1 is the most important rule and if your not following it you need to take a break until it is followed.

Pirate outfits that are associated with the Nuke Zap Pirates.
Confederation of the Black Sail