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Roberts Space Industries


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Officially founded in 2948 NullCorp was the dream of a couple veteran pilots from the 42nd Squadron who served together. They were weary from years of corporate and political conflict in the verse. So the founding members of NullCorp decided it was time to break free from the large organizations and political interests seeking to use pilots as nothing more than a number to further their own agenda and grow shareholder profits.


NullCorp is a harbor for the soldiers of war, for the martians, for the belters, and for anyone tired of the political and corporate greed. NullCorp does not and will never seek to be the largest organization in the verse. We know exactly what we seek, to be leaders of our own fate. NullCorp has no agenda, has no shareholders, and does not affiliate with anyone.


Our rules are simple:

Do not do anything unlawful

If you do something unlawful, do not get caught.

If you do get caught doing something unlawful, we don’t know you.