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Nyx Assassin's / NYXNYXNYX

  • Syndicate
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  • Role play
  • Smuggling
  • Piracy

Nyx welcomes you, we could have been a lowly grub, but by the grace of our goddess Nyx, we have been elevated to the highest state. Nor shall we disappoint her. Join now and fulfill the wishes of Nyx!


Our Goddess Nyx has been around for many years providing us with guidance on how to survive the harsh life we’re living. She has brought us up from nothing into what we are now Great Assassins. We now have the honor and the blessing of Nyx to go out into space and spread her word, fame and power to her name causing others to fear us across the star systems.

Discord Server


Your mind becomes foggy and your eyes grow heavy. Soon a voice is heard soft yet powerful. You cannot tell if it means you harm. But you have no choice but to listen…

Do not be alarmed my child, I have been watching you. I have watched you grow in strength and power. From your days of protecting the hamlets and towns across the star system, to your hard earned victories against the Vanduul and foes alike. Your destiny was preordained.

And now it is your time. Come, join your fate. Nyx is calling! Will you answer? We’re in need of warriors that will see her will be done. There are many paths in this world. Now is your chance, Brave soul. Join the warriors of Nyx. Do her bidding and untold riches will be yours. Ignore this chance and your aimless wanderings will mean nothing. Her Halls of Judgement are now open. I ask you to step inside and be judged, mortal!


We are are still coming up with rules, but you may join us on our at Discord Server Thanks for opening up to Nyx.