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Obscuris Contract Services: Currently Recruiting!


Claim your stake in the market share. Carry out your vendettas. Remove your political opponents. Innovate and discover.

Service Unto Ambition


Subversion. Secrecy. Satisfaction.

It is a time of remarkable prosperity, unprecedented in human history. But even as the cogs of a thriving economy turn, and those with valiant intentions seek to make their profit within the bounds of the law, occasionally, and inevitably, the need for the clandestine becomes unavoidable. In times like these, even the most honorable corporations will find the need to break rank, bend the rules they instituted on themselves, and see just how far over the line they can venture without getting their hands dirty to ensure their part of the market share.

You will meet us at that line. Then tell us how much further you’d like us to go, and how much soap we should bring with us.

In the formation of our organization, we have already demonstrated our most essential values. The ability to act quickly and efficiently in the best interests of all parties. The arrangement of affiliations, alliances and partnerships, kept as covert or public as you, the client, chooses. And keeping close only those we trust the most.

What is needed today is an entity that will do what is necessary, regardless of the odds or questionable morality, all in the interest of keeping your reputation intact. We answer only to our clients. The only rules we have are those you pay us to obey. Whereas you may form the skeleton of the economy, we are the blood that carries your assets, and your vendettas, to their deserving conclusions. This is our mission.

Our History

From its formation in 2943 to the present day, OBCS has always been known for its backroom dealing. Though unconfirmed, rumor has it that when the Senator of Magnus (Ranik Tyr) was rendered “unable” to run for re-election after announcing their anti-Tevarin sentiments during the polls, independent contractors from Obscuris Contract Services were involved.

Rumors such as these have never again surfaced. Public Relations delegates from the organization say that “their work on Magnus was sloppy, and should have never come to light”. When questioned further, however, they claim they had no involvement in the “disassembly” of Senator Tyr and his political supporters.

OBCS has made it no secret that they disagree with the policies and general mindset of the UEE, declaring it to be a corrupt and ineffective form of government, desperately in need of a reformation. On the other hand, they have been seen carrying out contracts for various senators, governors, and Advocacy officials on multiple occasions.

In any context, one thing remains true about the organization: it understands agendas, and has the ability to carry the paying ones out.

obscuris contract services: price is what you pay. value is what you get.


In a galaxy of cutthroat pirates, self-serving politicians, and hostile aliens, organizations around the ‘Verse sometimes find themselves short a few hands. They discover they have need of capable individuals who can fulfill their vision and intent without having to compromise security or reputation…

…And they’re willing to pay for it.

Obscuris Contract Services ensures that no matter the market, ranging from numerous activities such as high-value data acquisition to priority goods transportation, the identity and profit margins of its clientele is secured.

When outsourcing to Obscuris Contract Services, you can rest assured that you maintain control over your key supporters while protecting your unspoken agenda.

Obscuris Contract Services – Determined, Decisive, Dauntless –

what we offer:

  • Escort & Combat Operations.
  • Mining & Salvage.
  • Transport & Freighting.
  • Exploration & Research.
  • Intelligence & Scouting.
  • Search & Rescue.

the expectations we have of our members:

  • Loyalty towards the organization, our clients, and the contract.
  • Quality performance.
  • Professionalism.

the five driving principles of obcs

Strategic Superiority

Obscuris Contract Services believes in the necessity of proper combat doctrine and tactics. Through the study of history and through experience, our tacticians have developed winning strategies. Still, the ability to adapt is our most dangerous weapon. We are not obstinately stuck to a single form of combat doctrine, rather, we alter our approach depending on the nature of the battle.

Tactical Assessment

When operating with or among OBCS, you can trust that we have detailed intelligence reports about ground zero. In the face of convoluted and varied enemies, comprehensive threat assessments are required to carry out our objectives. We must meet the demands of the contract.

Financial Proficiency

Obscuris Contract Services understands the cogs that turn in a thriving organization. The monetary values of our members and the organization as a whole are protected by the financial planning that has been invested. Through various measures, such as safehouses and payout guarantees, the profit margins of our economy is secured.

Corporate Aptitude

Everything has a price. How much are you willing to pay? Rest assured that the contracts received from other organizations are intentionally made to be the best they can for both you and the client. Understanding of the shape-shifting markets is an absolute. We hold up our end of the bargain, and for their own sake, the client will hold up theirs.

Confidentiality Guarantee

As a limited liability company, Obscuris Contract Services will not, under any circumstances, disclose the nature or contents of its contracts. Your identity, agenda, and financial status is safe with us, and reparations will be made in the case of unaccounted circumstance.


Recruitment Policy

Players who apply to Obscuris Contract Services understand that they will be subject to the following:

  • Interview(s).
  • Requests for employment histories (and certificates of termination).
  • OBCS’s Vetting Program

OBCS Recruitment Delegates will not, under any circumstance, engage in the practice known as “spamviting” as defined in the following:

  • “Sending out organizational invitations to large numbers of players (whether members of another organization or not) indiscriminately and without prior research or personalization.”

Obscuris Contract Services is looking for players both old and new with the ability to adapt to new developments and situations in any market they may apply their skills to. Versatility is very important to us, as is quick-thinking.

Code of Conduct

  1. Violation of Combat Protocol and the Rules of Engagement is grounds for an infraction.
  2. Disclosing the contents and nature of a contract is grounds for immediate termination.
  3. Failing or violating a contract for any short-term benefit is grounds for an infraction.
  4. Theft of organization-owned or member-owned assets is grounds for an infraction. If the stolen items are not returned, the offender will be subject to termination of employment.
  5. Failure to properly log transactions such as borrowing assets from organization-owned ware/safehouses is grounds for an infraction.
  6. Remain respectful of others. Flaming is grounds for an infraction.
  7. Members are expected to follow the chain of command to the best of their ability. Violation of orders without suitable reasoning is grounds for an infraction.
  8. Posting cheats, hacks, or malicious software is grounds for immediate termination.
  9. Involvement in unsanctioned corporate espionage or social engineering projects is grounds for immediate termination of employment.

Three infractions is grounds for termination of employment. Blacklisting is done on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to contest an Infraction or the termination of employment, contact a Human Resources delegate.

Member Affiliation

OBCS members may register membership with other organizations as affiliates as they see fit. Networking is not only allowed, but encouraged.
Players looking to affiliate with OBCS may only do so for three reasons:

  • The 30 Day Membership Trial period.
  • Clientele affiliation for ease of tracking.
  • Members who own orgs for when they play with their friends.

Exceptions to this rule can be made on a case-by-case basis.