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Roberts Space Industries ®

Obsidian Heavy Industries / OBSD

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Welcome to Obsidian Heavy Industries.

Looking to create Command staff to build a company with active / semi-active, dependable people.


Like a mystical Phoenix born out of fire, we too have risen up out of the ashes as Obsidian Heavy Industries. Join us today to go after minerals of all types. Both in the ground and those ready to be melted back down again!

Discord is just starting out, so get in early if you’re looking for a small/medium tight-knit company where your voice can be heard!


A little about myself. I’m coming up into my 7th year playing the game this May 2023, so whether if you’re in your first day as a Star Citizen or maybe you backed from CIG’s 1st day, we can help new people figure out the game and understand what the veteran players are talking about.

Thank you for your time and take care.


Adm. Kusanagi


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
― André Gide

The above quote happened on Earth in a time before flight was achieved. But the embodiment of those words ring true for every generation of men and women that find their true dreams in life and hope for the future…up in the stars.
Individuals who push the limits of exploration for themselves and learning along the way.

Of paramount importance….

We want an active community which is why we’re listed as Regular. I take that as a few times a week you might play, check RSI or Spectrum as a minimum. All of those count for activity purposes and so there shouldn’t be concern of getting burned out. We recognize also people have lives with school, work and family. Those come first. Life is stressful. Again, this is not a Hardcore org. No one needs to run home from work as seen in other games. Far from it.

If this all makes sense to you, please continue checking us out.

We treat people with respect…no matter their race, color, religion, education, age, national origin, military service, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. This includes any and all spectrums that fall within LGBTQQ. *Griefers, on the other hand are to be terminated on-sight.


The Org is actively accepting applications for Exclusive Memberships ONLY.
(Star Citizen is a time management system Space-Sim. It will take a lot of TIME to do anything. Having multiple orgs isn’t going to make a whole lot of sense and will not help us out doing so.)
– All accepted members must first use Discord link sent via Discord., which will expire after 1 week. Once you show up in Discord, membership will then be finalized on RSI, so look out for any communications from us. –

  • Preamble for the Charter
  • A – Organizational Divisions
  • B – Memberships
  • C – Officers
  • D – Other

Preamble for the Charter of “Obsidian Heavy Industries.”

This Corporation has been formed with the intent of fulfilling a function which allows greater results than any one ship or crew could accomplish on their own. The purpose of this company is to discover mineral locations, derelict ships, mine or salvage those locations and transport the minerals safely to market.


A – Organizational Divisions

This company’s structure will focus on the following Divisions.
  1. Cargo Transport (to include fuel) – Div. of Logistical Support
  2. Resource gathering – Div. of Mining
  3. Resource gathering – Div of Salvaging
  4. Security Division
  5. Exploration Division

Logistical Support

Transport of supplies and mined minerals will be pursued, along with fueling operations to ensure operations can sustain themselves. Normal cargo missions aside from mining operations may also be done to provide different streams of funding.


The Mining division will mine minerals deposits. In a best-case scenario, our Exploration teams will discover locations that satisfy the needs of the Mining Division. This would negate the need to pay another firm for information regarding suitable locations. These locations would dictate what type of mining takes place, like sending out a fleet of Argo Moles or having Orions present.


The Salvage division will mine valuable materials found in and around derelict space crafts. This entails extracting valuable items that can be sold as-is and transported away. Salvage teams will then concentrate on acquiring the most valuable metals and sending them out for processing. Again, location finds will dictate ship usage levels.

Security & Defense

This division will be used for the protection of ships, mining locations and other assets. While military rank is used throughout the org, this is not a military org but the need to properly ensure threats are mitigated is essential, hence the Security Division.


For the Exploration of systems which will direct the company to successful locations. This information can be used for either Obsidian itself, or it could be sold to information brokers depending upon the size and type of find while gathering data.


B – Memberships

What does Exclusive mean here? Due to conflict of interest, no member can be involved with another org that does the same thing with a few caveats.

  1. Member plays with friends and family in a small org, that is allowed under any careers.
  2. Member wants to join a medic org to play now and then, that is allowed.
  3. Member wants to join major miner org to play now and then, that is conflict of interest and NOT allowed.

Members will be accepted in the company as a Main Member Only.

Promotions will be based on factors such as time-in-grade, contributing factors (as in multiple discoveries), or exceptional service. Exceptional service can come in any form. Excellent mining abilities, fighting, helping others start out, etc. That being said…leaders will lead by example.
The ranking system is based on the Naval command structure to promote ease of operations.

Please NOTE: Absolutely no members are allowed to have “Redacted or Hidden” memberships with other organizations. These requirements will be upheld with routine checks of member profiles.

Rank Structure
  • Admiral – Fleet Admiral is assumed by the CEO, 1 Admiral per Division, 1-2 Commodores (similar to Vice-Admirals) per Division.

Current Ranks
Lt. Commander

Wanted Rank Structure
Lt. Commander
Petty Officer


C – Officers

Officers will be added as soon as deemed appropriate. (EXAMPLE – the necessity of needing 7-10 Admirals isn’t likely early on.)
This corporation will be set up using a Need-to-Know basis prior to GAME RELEASE. Meaning, officers will be granted further knowledge based upon rank into the operations that matter to them. This ensures people with command decisions have the information they need to do their job but also helps ensure that espionage can be curtailed to a certain degree.

  1. Officers are promoted due to their commitment to see this company becoming successful, while we aren’t a hardcore org, not being active for months reduces any positive impact of a promotion and being promoted will not guarantee your rank if you’re never here. Communication is key.
  2. Any Officers may at any time, suspend a lower member until the situation can be verified and judged upon. These situations will be looked upon very carefully to ensure that the lower member wasn’t treated unfairly and the officer wasn’t stepping beyond their authority.
  3. If there is a problem with a member or even an officer… Corporation member(s) should feel free to voice their concerns. You are advised to send a notice to the next highest-ranking person in your Chain of Command. If that person is the concern, follow-up with a more senior officer than them.
    —>>If you feel there is a threat to the company by an insider, just go straight to command staff, as soon as possible (ASAP).

The CEO has within their power, the ability to remove any member, be them officer or not, for any reason, to ensure the appropriate treatment of members, safety of company personnel, company secrets and financial security.


D – Other

– Communications (VERY IMPORTANT)
  1. All communications is done via Discord. Links will be sent out upon application approval system listed above.
– Amendments
  1. It is within the authority of this Charter, that Amendments will be needed as time dictates upon the release of Star Citizen. Amendments shall be brought forth by any member that we can vote upon.
  2. Major topics needing a vote may be done by Admiral and Commodore ranking levels only. This would include moving to different systems or setting up a permanant location, etc.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the CEO has within his/her office, the power of Executive Order so that decisions or Amendments can be placed at will for the better interest of the Corporation.

To reiterate, we treat all people with respect…no matter their race, color, religion, education, age, national origin, military service, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


End of Charter