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Odin Security Group / ODIN

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A community forum for discussing advanced combat tactics applicable to Star Citizen and Star Marine.

If you’re looking for a tight, organized, tactical group which focuses on teamwork and communication, look no further.

Welcome to Valhalla!


Odin Security Group – A Brief History

The Odin Security Group community was formed in the summer of 2012 under the premise that unskilled, untrained players with poor leadership are simply not capable of achieving objectives in an organized and efficient manner. In this manner, Odin Security Group has dedicated itself to ensuring players can have fun, develop their gaming skills, and grow the sense of community that keeps us going.

Our members place a huge priority on the concepts of tactics, training and experienced, competent leadership. Through doing so we have established a history of success and have become known by our peers as not only the tip of the spear but as the blocks in the wall. Concurrently, we understand that our players, which represent professionals from all walks of life, have real time commitments outside of the games we play and therefore we understand and enforce the standard that “real life comes first”.

So here we are; A civic minded gaming community that focuses on tactics, training, leadership, and community.


The Odin Security Group is a community, first and foremost. We have people from all different walks of life, skillsets, and beliefs. We enforce the idea that the individual is a part of the group, and the group as a trained and coordinated unit will be successful.

We ensure that we are getting better as a community, a goal that is limited to a subset of individuals. We will not be a zerg, nor will we be an organization so large so as to render faceless and voiceless our own members. We will develop our leaders both in-game and so they may be successful in their own lives, as we firmly believe that caring members are the foundation of any successful community, and those members deserve the absolute best in leadership.

We believe in enforcing standards for ourselves, both in regards to training and in behavior. The concepts we know, train, and share in provide a common language for all of our members, allowing us to be successful at our game play. Our standards of behavior are based in mutual respect, understanding, and the idea that drama and intolerance is a toxin.

We understand that victory is a difficult condition, that requires trained personnel, creative leaders, and a tight knit organization. Our members will work to ensure we can come out on top, whether the tactics employed are conventional, unconventional, or completely innovative. We will evaluate the paths we need to achieve victory, and pursue them as a group, offering no quarter to those who would do us harm. We are the good guys, but we are also pragmatic and inventive.

This is the clarion call of the Odin Security Group, and through our members, leaders, and operations, we make it echo anywhere we play.


The Odin Security Group is a multi-gaming community which participates in FPS and RPG style multiplayer and MMO games. We place a heavy priority on community, training, effective leadership, and ensuring our members enjoy their time with us.

Our members
We look for quality members. Odin Security Group understands that not everyone is comfortable being leaders, but may rather prefer a “behind-the-scenes” role instead. We accomodate this to ensure that all of our members may feel like they are conducting a fulfilling part of Odin Security Group.

Our members will be brought to a standard of training and knowledge. We understand that members cannot make every training event after that, but attendance is highly encouraged. Leadership training is required to achieve higher ranks in Odin Security Group, as we maintain that commitment to our members.

Our members, leaders, and anyone else associated with our community will be held to our standards of conduct. All members are expected to comply with all of the rules and terms of use of any of the games we participate in and any form of griefing, cheating or exploiting is absolutely forbidden. Our members are also expected to treat other players, both members and non-members, with the utmost of respect and courtesy.

We will never subscribe to the concept of “winning with numbers”, nor will we treat our members like they are expendable assets. Our members will understand the organization mission, how they fit in, and how they can best improve themselves and participate with the organization mission.

We will not tolerate drama. Our community is like a family. Our members are expected to sort out issues like adults, and react, respond, and respect each other in a similar manner.

Real life comes first. We hold to this, and understand our operations, training, and methodologies require quite a bit from our members. This time commitment means that our members will balance their real lives with our operations, which means that we must be the flexible ones. We operate as a “casual-hardcore” community.

That being said, when we are together, we go hard. Whether it is training, practice, or actual operation, we give 100%, 100% of the time and we expect all of our members to commit to putting in the work when they are in-world. In return, we give our members 100% commitment to making sure they are trained, equipped, and ready to do battle in whatever form that takes.

Here are some qualities we look for in members:
*The ability to learn new skills and tactics
*A willingness to put those abilities and tactics to use
*A strong commitment to personal excellence
*An even stronger commitment to group unity and success
*A sense of fair play
*A sense of community
*A sense of loyalty
*Unwavering respect for others
*A commitment to the betterment of the team
*A willingness to follow orders
*A willingness to respect the chain of command

What we are NOT looking for is:
*“I don’t need to to train because I have a 1,293,476,253:1 KDR
*Faction / Clan jumpers
*Glory hounds / Rambos

The Odin Security Group has a glowing reputation in the gaming community for our sense of honor and fair play and will continue to grow and foster that reputation by always being above reproach and assisting others whenever possible. We maintain a mature and adult attitude and disposition at all times and, due to this, we only very rarely accept members who are under 18 years of age.

There is an application and trial process which EVERY prospective member must go through before being accepted to the Odin Security Group and a basic training process which all new members must go through. This isn’t intended to teach them how to play the game but, instead, how to play the game the Odin way. We are a highly strategic and tactical group and those strategies and tactics rely on everyone doing their job.

What are our goals?

The goals of the Odin Security Group are quite simple. We are here to be successful in our operations, our community, and our personal development. We will maintain our reputation that encourages others to seek us out in their times of need, for our members to feel like we are a supportive place to play, and for our enemies to worry about when we are operating nearby.