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Odins Mead / ODINSMEAD

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  • Casual
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
  • Freelancing

Formed from the gathering of friends playing the games they enjoy with the drinks they appreciate.

A loose nit band of freelancers who gather around the bars and pubs of the verse to tell their stories.

Loyal to credits and booze as well as those that join them.

Come and join us at
Odin’s Mead


Just a small group of friends and family that play games together.


The members of Odin’s Mead come from all across the system, nay, the galaxy for one reason. To enjoy the company of friends at the pub… and the liquor of course. We care not for politics, but we will stand by our allies. Whatever your means are to sustain your life, be it Exploring, Mining, Trading, Smuggling, Piracy or Collecting Bounties, you are welcome here.

The Mission
Odin’s Mead primary concern is to protect the Bar’s and Pubs of the Verse and explore the universe in search of new ales… and allies.

Odin’s Mead is willing to welcome anyone wanting to share their story and join in our adventure. To learn and grow with us as we travel across the stars.

Our goal is to offer you an enjoyable and immersive experience regardless of commitment level or play style. Odin’s Mead is, by far, not the largest Org’s out there but we aim to provide an active community which can offer support, if not advice of a group of like-minded citizens. We want to have as much fun as possible and achieve success in all our endeavors.


General Rules

1) Be Civil to Each Other:
Good-natured language is fine, just be aware of everyone around you. Hostility towards other members is not ok, we’re all human, we don’t need to feel antagonized.

2) Safe For Work Only:
If you’re gonna post some lewdish things for laughs, make sure it is safe for work, please!

3) No Advertising:
If you want to promote something, ask for permission first – especially if you are new.

4) No real-world political or religious topics will be allowed. We are here to enjoy the game not start a debate.

In-Game Rules

1. Be excellent to each other.
2. Play in the spirit of the game.
3. Do not kill, steal from or extort any member within the Org.