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Odyssey Interstellar / ODINT

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An organization that believes in the wealth, success and happiness of it’s members.



“A man who has been through bitter experiences and traveled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time” – Homer

Odyssey Interstellar, a humble yet ambitious organization, has its roots stemming from a group of friends playing Star Citizen. All of our highest echelon members have been keeping up with the development since the Kickstarter announcement. Although not yet friends, these individuals all had something in common in their respective game before meeting in Star Citizen; money, power, success. These individuals knew they wanted to recreate that success going forward into a new game, Star Citizen. The Executives, as they are now called, put underway a plan of action. We would do as we had done so many times before, we would succeed. We knew we would never succeed alone. In a shared belief, by extension, all others around us would also be successful in whatever manor they chose. This was the birth of Odyssey Interstellar. A belief and a will to want success and wealth for those who would stand with us, as well as for ourselves, and the organization as a whole. We invite you to both join us in our road to shared power and wealth, as well as allow us to help you further your own goals.

“Of all that breathes and crawls across the earth, our mother earth breeds nothing feebler than a man. So long as the gods grant him power, spring in his knees, he thinks he will never suffer affliction down the years. But then, when the happy gods bring on the long hard times, bear them he must, against his will, and steel his heart. Our lives, our mood and mind as we pass across the earth, turn as the days turn . . .” – Odysseus

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Odyssey Intergalactic defines itself by its core values. These qualities are expected of all associates. No one is perfect and we don’t expect perfect behavior, but you are never done improving yourself throughout your lifetime, until the end.

Loyalty: Defined as ‘the quality of being loyal to someone or something’. Although this is appreciated, it can also be defined as ‘a strong feeling of support or allegiance’. We prefer the latter. Through resources such as combat training, flight training, HOTAS setup help, game knowledge, job opportunities, ship lending, friendship, etc. We hope to inspire a sense of pride and unity as we all move forward in our combined Star Citizen journey.

Duty: Flexibility is something we believe in. Life shows up. Things happen. Sometimes people get bored or end up burned out. We understand. In some instances, when an interest is shown and a commitment was made, we ask people do what they can to see it through.

Respect: Everyone here should feel apart of, instead of apart from. We value friendship here, and as such, we ask everyone treats each other as a friend. There are also all kinds of personalities. All kinds of people. We practice tolerance within this organization, and understand some people are simply just different. Not everyone has to get along. But everyone must meet each other in the middle and never cross certain lines.

Selfless Service: A commitment to the organization means you’ve got the backs of everyone in the organization, and you’ll know that they have yours in turn. It’s a commitment to all of the fellow individuals you’ll work and play with and meet. You may not like some of these people, and that is okay, but you will do whatever is best for that individual in all of your actions.

Honor: In similar spirit to the respect we hope to spur in our members, we also hope to inspire those members to carry themselves in a similar fashion when interacting with those not of the organization. We do not hope to start war, but should it come to our door, everyone is expected to answer the call and do it to the best of their ability.

Integrity: A culmination of many things. Honesty with ones self and others. Moral principles. A feeling of being whole, undivided. Virtues, truthfulness, trustworthiness, coherence, solidarity.

Personal Courage: A feeling inside that knows what must be done, and how to do it, even at ones own peril of fright. Strength in the face of pain. There will be high highs, and low lows. Staying strong under pressure.

Odyssey Interstellar. What are we? As mentioned, OI started out originally as a group of friends who found each other in the early days of Star Citizen alpha. They came together, acquired some particularly large ships, and many of them. The next course of action was to then seek help in crewing these ships. Things started to reveal themselves, such as needing to equip and maintain these vessels which would require large amounts of in-game currency, and the group needed to become something more. Over time, the vision became to not only just crew the ships, but build a large network of people who all want the same thing. This thing, as we define it, is success. This is a personal thing, it differs from person to person. Our view of success is power. We find that power usually comes in the form of currency. We seek to acquire as much in game currency as possible, and share that wealth with everyone in the organization. Lose your ship? we want to buy new weapons and components for you to get you back out there. This is a team effort, and everyone shall be rewarded, regardless of task. A capital ship engineer may not always be glorious, but it is extremely important. All people and the job they prefer to do is important.


Odyssey Interstellar has many different career pathways. Nobody is ever stuck doing any one thing. People get bored, people have multiple ships. People with multiple ships will want to have a ship and something to do for the now, and more than likely will want there extra ships to be out making money for them. That being said, just because you don’t own a particular ship does not mean you are barred from doing from the profession the ship serves. There will always be a ship that’s available, or needing a crew member, or needing a captain no matter the profession.

-Bounty Hunting

-Passenger Transit

——-Exploration Executive: Oversees all mineral, derelict, jump point, system, planet, commodity, etc discovery.
-Jump Point Discovery Director: In charge of the fleet dedicated specifically to finding new jump points.
-System Discovery Director: Focuses on discovering new systems, and all the things within those systems.
-Infrastructure Director: Manages routes maintenance. Includes building bases of operations.






-Intelligence Transport


-Org to Org Relations
-NPC Relations