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Omega Corporation / OMEGACORP

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OMEGA CORPORATION both accepts and supplies contracted work to the community. It operates in multiple industries throughout the verse. It is made by it’s members for it’s members to be a hub of activity in the verse. Join us, and build your empire!


Omega Corp Mission Statement
Our Mission is to build a self-sustaining Organization that supports its hard-working members through earned benefits and career opportunities. Our goal is to help our pilots reach theirs. Our vision is of an ever-expanding empire where ingenuity is recognized, endeavors are supported, and growth is fostered.
We are Omega. Let’s build an Empire –together.

OMEGA Corporation is an international organization, we have pilots from all over, and most pilots are English speaking.

Our members have been gaming together across different platforms and genres, from consoles to handhelds, to PC, strategy to FPS, and MMOs for decades.

If you are interested or want to find out more about us or our gaming community, contact any of us.


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Any organizations interested in operating as an official contractor for Omega Corporation can contact the Diplomatic Group. Current official diplomats: Ait_Convarion.


Our Member of Omega are loosely defined but heavily considered. Pilots should be well versed in their specialized field and should continue to acquire new skills, knowledge, and tools. The Omega approach to teaching emphasizes the “Pay it Forward System” with new recruits receiving support from the leading experts in their field of choice. Recruits will be trained by members that have demonstrated the ability to teach others by “time in” plus participation level and any accumulation of knowledge.

Everyone in Omega Corporation is considered EQUAL in rank. We have no formal ranking structure. We have a SKILL based leadership system.

A skill based leadership structure is:
Attaining a high degree of knowledge and experience in your field by playing the game. Star Citizen is a skill based game and you can only acquire those skill by playing. We will help you get started and give you the necessary tools to help you on your way.

We have Staff positions that move Omega forward. They are:

CEO – Responsible for the long range planning.

Director – Responsible for the day to day operations.

Event Coordinator – Responsible for scheduling events, both in house and with other Orgs.

Recruitment – Responsible for adding to the ranks of Omega.

Diplomat – Responsible for reaching out to other orgs and granting Contracts.

Marketing – Responsible for promoting Omega Corp to the verse.

Historian – Create and maintain historical records of the Corporation.

The C.E.O and Staff represent the nerve center of the whole Organization. They are the movers and
shakers, deal makers and breakers, and serve to expand the success of Omega Corp into the depths of lucrative space.
The C.E.O and staff are required to set a standard for involvement, participation, and collaboration, in that their presence is very much in demand. Staff positions are available on a case by case basis.

Do you have what it takes to Join Omega ?? We hope to see you in the verse.


Our company operates around some simple guidelines:

  • Act like a grown up. 
Jokes and giggles are fine – drama or infighting like children is not.
  • Be supportive of fellow members. 
Our corporation is made what it is by it’s members. We require those who join omega corp be able to work with other members, further strengthening our already strong community spirit. 
We will respect the lone wolf, and will still do business with those who choose to fly on their own. But we require those who join us to be comfortable
  • Do honest business. 
When we do business, OMEGA Corp members are expected to be up front and honest. We expect no less from those outside of our organization. Surprises that were purposefully kept from the original deal will not be tolerated. We strive to be a trustworthy group.
  • We do NOT condone Piracy. IF you want to take peoples ships join Someone Else.

- Formalized agreements for contracted work will be finalized later –
If you are interested in joining us please contact a Diplomatic member.

****Current Contractors and Nap Organizations are listed in Spectrum. ****