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“Coincidence is the word that we use when we don’t see all the levers and gears.” If we do our job right, that’s what everyone should think our jobs are; coincidence. If you want to make money from these coincidences, give us a call.


(If you are looking for non-lore info, please go directly to the Manifesto)

There have been soldiers like them since the beginning of economics.

Some call them mercenaries.

Others call them barbarians.

And still a few more call them SOBs (last words can’t always be fancy)

This particular band of misfits calls themselves “The Omega Pact”, representing the fact that, by being with them, this will be the last pact you make. They originate from the greed, envy, and hatred of mankind. However, they have picked up a few of the good traits as well. In particular, Honor, Loyalty, and Integrity. They use their experience to take out individual threats to the galaxy, and usually for a tidy sum.

Many of you have probably heard of “Kellar’s Run.” If you have not, read this To sum it up, Dean Kellar was a master pilot, but was often on the wrong side of the law. He became known for his assassination missions, and was the death to many others, even entire groups. Unfortunately, his temper ran hot, and it forced him into a last stand that would span five systems and several days, ending on May 20, 2931. This went down in history as Kellar’s Run.

Before his untimely demise, however, he created something truly unique. Dean had jumped from one syndicate to another for most of his life, and found them all… wanting. They either lacked any cohesion, had no aptitude for space flight, or tried to expand far beyond what they could do. As the old Earth-saying goes, “If you want it made right, do it yourself.” Thus, The Omega Pact was born. Dean Kellar spent the last few months of his life in hiding, finding people who shared in his beliefs, approached his skill, and felt his love for flight. As fate would have it, he would never get to lead his crew, as he decided to go on a “business trip” to Spider, hoping to find a few more members before The Pact made its debut. Obviously, we had to make due without him, but we had a good run of things for a while… But that was a while ago now.

The Pact has fallen down to but a few members now. Between the loss of our leader before we ever began, and the first, “Battle for Nexus” where many of our members perished fighting a Javelin battle group, there just aren’t that many of us alive anymore. Those who remain, however, are a force to be reckoned with. We are a cohesive unit, moving and acting as one, and will use all of our resources to accomplish the mission, no matter the difficulty.

As for joining this pact? It once was nearly impossible to join, with only the most elite being chosen for the role. Now? We figure that well train you along the way, and when you prove yourself ready, we can make you a full-fledged member. Should you desire to join, we ask only that you answer the call when it comes, nothing else. Pack members are encouraged, although not forced, to get to know their comrades. Send an application, and we will set up an interview (of sorts) to ensure that you will fit well with the group.

As of November 05, 2947, The Omega Pact has allied themselves with The Charon Circle. Further details of this agreement are classified until further notice.


To put things plainly, we specialize in single-target removal, especially when the results are lethal. Assassination, collecting a bounty, murder; if it makes you money and the galaxy a little better for us, we don’t see the problem.

We are a team-oriented organization. You don’t have to be with us all of the time, but when you are, we promise to make sure that you are as well off as the rest of the crew.

Something that we are not is some super-serious, “you have to train X amount of hours a week” kind of group. In fact, we aren’t even sure of the direction that we want to go in! One reason to choose us over others is that most of the other Organizations out there try to claim a long and illustrious history, while we are trying to give us the opportunity to make a name for ourselves. Sure, we have an in-lore start, and I decided to give us a founder who was created with the fiction CIG gives us, but it was only a short 16 in-game years ago that we got our start, and in that time we have had a rough run of things, which is rather different than the generic, “We are the oldest ____ in history” . It will be up to you, the everyday player of Star Citizen, to make The Omega Pact into an Organization that everyone will know…or not!

Join now, and, just like the early backers of this game, get the advantage of having an active hand in choosing how we go, what paths we take, and even make a few friends. So if you’ve read this far, and haven’t been bored to death, then please join us, and be a crafter of The Omega Pact’s destiny.


Rules of The Omega Pact
  1. Never leave a man behind. If a wingman gets shot or ship disabled, we do everything we can to protect them and get them home safely. This rule takes precedence over all current and future rules.
  1. Get the job done. When we are assigned a mission, we get it done, and we don’t leave enemies around that can hurt us. This means disabling all enemy ships in the AO. The only time we don’t finish a mission is when Rule #1 would be jeopardized in doing so.
  1. No mistakes. Our precision will be comparable to none, and civilians that end up dead give us a bad name. There will be no “Oops” or “My bad” moments. We are happy to train and cultivate you, but if you think that you can’t take that shot without collateral damage, rule of thumb is to not take it.
  1. Follow UEE law at all times unless instructed by a superior. This will only apply to Chiefs and lower, and these kind of orders can only be made by Warrant Officers and higher.
  1. Difference between on and off Duty. You are only considered “On Duty” when flying with the rest of the squadron or carrying out a mission. During this time you must use official colors and follow chain of command. Otherwise, you are free to do what you will, as long as it complies with the rest of the rules.
  1. Oath of Secrecy. If you are joining this clan, we expect you to not talk about any potential missions, nor about your fellow clan members. If you choose to show yourself as “Redacted,” you are stating to the rest of the clan that you value your identity, and don’t want anyone to ruin that.
  1. Honor the Pact’s alliances. While normally you have freedom to do what you will in your off-duty hours, you must honor a y and all arrangements made by The Pact.

Should anyone be found of violating these rules, we will hold a Pact trial. Don’t show, and you are sentencing yourself to death, and your goods forfeit. Come to the meeting, and you will be allowed to defend yourself, and the worst possible outcome is expulsion from the Pact. Understand that we do not take this lightly, as we are the Last Pact, and intend for it to remain that way.