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Origin ONE84 / ONE84

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We are deemed a “Necessity” and sometimes things just need to get done!


Do you want to be a part of something greater?


Through the vision of our “Trusted” visionary “ONE84” also known as “Stevie” we have established an organization with the primary intent of taking on all the challenging business requirements of the verse with the sole premise of getting the job done! Other than dealing with clients, we enjoy the daily grind of exploring the verse and finding new discoveries to claim as our own.

Be it insane dogfights to intense warfare which is a certainty whilst we build our life on the pursuit of greatness. We will explore and seek out the unknown and enjoy all the thrills and rewards. With our cunning resourcefulness and strategic planning we will obtain the required resources, currency and status at any cost.

Additionally, our core fundamentals are based around “Trust” and “Loyalty” and it’s in the best interest of our potential clients to know that their best interests and needs are in safe hands. Betrayal is not an option and is dealt with accordingly.


Since the year 2948, humans have been found living in more systems than ever imagined possible. Through sheer strength and will we have managed to achieve the impossible, regardless of the growing pressures between humanity and our universal neighbors, business is always thriving and amid the constant changes and technological advances there will always be a need for new explorers to take on these new challengers and this is how “Origin ONE84” born.

Due to the fickle nature of the verse and the immense tension arising among the various systems and lifeforms “Origin ONE84” was deemed a “Necessity” to tackle the challenges of the verse whilst operating in a highly confidential state with the intent of assisting diplomatic relations in the hopes of improving the verse.

With the looming pressures it has become a must to ensure the longevity of it’s members by having all their records redacted and it is uncertain of the required access level required to obtain these records.

It has been said that certain members of the Human and Xi’an Empire have enlisted the services of “Origin ONE84” but until date there is no record of said rumored services ever taking place. However one thing is for sure, this faction is very resourceful and have managed to operate under the radar with great success.

This is our verse and there is no limitation to achieving our dreams.


Dream “BIG” and stand for nothing less, be “BIGGER” than yourself and ultimately be “FEARLESS

This is my proposal! Do what you love and through team work we will build a strong future and together we will stand for something that matters.

Embrace your passions and allow yourself to fail as it’s the purest way of gaining experience, most importantly live for the moment and savor the rewards.

It’s our time to stand up and change the game! Are you ready? Join Now!


Who’s asking?