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    Bounty Hunting

We accept casual to hardcore players. We’re pretty care free, but our goal is serious, we want to become the greatest pirate crew in Star Citizen. Join us now and make that dream become a reality. We are the One Piece Crew!


After our great leader Monkey D. Luffy retired, and civilization advanced, we took piracy to space, to become the king of space pirates!

What we didn’t know, is that we weren’t the only crew that attempted to revive the great Monkey D. Luffy’s legacy. Some of them were individuals with a passion for independence, while others were dark and brooding souls that would dare steal from our crew. All we can do is persevere, and continue forward.

There is much to be written, and great legends to be spread.

Division Leaders:

  • Captain’s Crew [Captain Canuck]
  • Scouting [Draglid]
  • Navigation [OPEN]
  • Bounty Hunters [Warzoooz]
  • Diplomacy [Nikolas D. Parks]
  • Trade & Industry [canadianbassist]
  • Search & Rescue [OPEN]
  • Exploration [Natemare]
  • Research & Development [NarutoF4N]

Diplomacy Issues

As some of you might have noticed, there is a crew called the Straw Hat Pirates (STRAWHAT), they have stolen our banner before and used it as their own. They are not to be trusted.


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Pirates of Star Citizen, we hereby declare that we shall become the greatest pirate crew in the universe.

You can either join us, or be left in the wake of our conquest.

We would like to create more than just a simple pirate crew, we want to develop a proper fleet of pirates, with the intention of absorbing or destroying all other pirate crews, to dominate piracy within Star Citizen and become the king of pirates.

We’re looking for dedicated players who would like to enjoy the thrills of piracy while also delving into all other professions to build a proper pirate fleet. We enjoy role playing, and we’re hoping to role play One Piece within Star Citizen, if you’re interested in this drop us a line. Members do not have to role play, and you don’t have to be a member to role play, we need enemies too.

Our Rules Are Simple:

1. Respect your crew members.
2. You share with us, we share with you.
3. Be more than a pirate! Be a Straw Hat Pirate!

Our Mission:

To control piracy within Star Citizen, and become the king of pirates!

We’re Split Into Nine Sections:

  1. Research & Development
  2. Bounty Hunters
  3. Search & Rescue
  4. Navigation
  5. Captain’s Crew
  6. Diplomacy
  7. Trade & Industry
  8. Scouting
  9. Exploration


Check out Star Citizen Syndicate


Whereas The Straw Hat Pirate Crew is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of Monkey D. Luffy and the rule of One Piece:

This charter represents your rights as a member of this crew. As the game progresses, and more information is made available to us, changes to this charter will be made to reflect said progress.

As a member, you are granted several privileges:

1. Access to our teamspeak servers.
2. A custom forum signature
3. An allowance based on your rank, and our earnings.
4. The ability to join a division and be promoted, even lead your own squad.
5. You’ll have to join to find out the rest.

Once a member, you have the right to apply to any or all divisions, you will be tested accordingly. You cannot be kicked for failing said tests, we only kick those who have negative attitudes, or selfish behaviour.

Once part of a division, you may propose plans (ex: Bounty Hunters: Let’s target that guy, and strike him when he’s here) If your plan is successful, you will be promoted, and eventually could lead your own independent unit, or even become a division leader.