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The O.N.S or Olympus. Nord. Sino, is a Military Protectorate Organistation [MPO]. The main focus of the O.N.S is Medical services, from SAR to Limb replacement surgery and everything inbetween.

We are looking to expaned our Medical, flight, and support teams.



The O.N.S is a coalition of ancient civilisations that once left the ancient planet of Sol 3.

The civilisation;




Settled in a small system within the Deepabyss (of minecraft), where there was peace for a time. The civilisation started war-ing over the resources and over the fourth civilisation. Centuries past and the planets run red with a thick blood that the wars had brought

After some time the four became three and with the assassination of the god Ares by the hand of (now) Empress Athena, civility was restored to Olympus the dominant of the three. With this change, it brought about cooperation between the three and the formation of the O.N.S with the aim to venture outwards.


the O.N.S or combined ancient empires of Olympus. Nord. Sino all left earth in the ninth Centry to explore the stars, eventually settling in the same system. They long fought each other until Earth decided to explore the universe. Since then they have combined armed forces to defend terrory and explore the universe.

The O.N.S focus on Medical Services and working with our partnership with MEDICorp to support to larger Orgs. Lending experties and full integrated support to new ventures.

a lawful Org and will comply with UEE regs when in core systems. However we consider ourselves self governed.

mostly it’s fairly relaxed with a focus on role play.

the Org is early days, and we are happy for new members to help shape the group


Do you serve with honour and loyalty to the combined civilisations of Olympus, Nord, and Sino.

Draco 1 : Honor in executing command

Draco 2 : Civilian/unarmed assailants shall not be harmed

Draco 3 : Honor in your fellow

Draco 4 : Honor for that which is not your charge

Draco 5 : Dishonour in utterance of the Pharonic Wars

Draco 6 : Honor in the defence of O.N.S – including it’s Capital Vessel [O.N.S.V Ascension]

Draco 7 : Honor in no effort spared in resurrection to full life (medical)

Draco 8 : Great Dishonour in acting contrary to O.N.S

Draco 9 : Honor in all Spartan Guard actions

Draco 10 : Honor in defending our kin and allies



- Provide Medical assistant to those in need and those in obligation
- Explore and seek new ventures for the O.N.S
- Provide Special Security Services [sss] for those in obligation
- Expand the fleet and ranks of the O.N.S
- Establish Central hub and recruitment/training facilities

Olympus.Nord.Sino.Vessel (ONSV)

- ONSV Ascension (Endeavour class) [flagship]
- ONSV Nicandrea (Apollo class)
- ONSV Corpus (Cutlass Red class)
- ONSV Karkinos (Defender class)
- ONSV Sinclair (315p class)