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The disaster of the RSI Artemis is one of the longest running mysteries in the verse.
For more than 700 years the Artemis has been lost waiting to be found!

Will you help find this most renowned of space artifacts and join fellow explorers on an epic adventure of discovery?

Check out the wiki link here

The Operation

The Artemis vessel was a cryogenic colony ship launched in the year 2232 and directed at the Gliese system where many presumed a Class M planet resided. Carrying roughly 5,000 colonists hand-picked from over a million hopeful applicants, the Artemis represented the brightest of humanity as they ventured into a new tomorrow.

The stature of the Artemis’ mission saw the Chariot Class vessel come equipped with the latest engine technology of the day, technology that provided the Artemis with c/100 operations and guaranteed her continued operations to her designated destination.

Even with the latest technology the voyage to the Gliese system would last roughly 200 earth years (pre-jump technology) as the automated cryogenic systems of the Artemis preserved the colonists.

To accomplish the journey to the Gliese system the Artemis was equipped with an intelligent A.I. core that had never been seen before. Janus.

With a successful launch the Artemis began her voyage with the hopes and dreams of creating a new beginning on a new world.

Then, she disappeared…

What we know:

A piece to the puzzle located in the Stanton Station!

Beneath the soil of Stanton a rusted-out section of hull plating is uncovered in a strip mine by Shubin Interstellar. While the finding of rusted wreckage is a rather common occurrence, this particular find sets off a firestorm of scientific and archaeological inquiry. Written upon the fragmentary piece of metal are the faintly discernible letters ARTEM—. The Artemis!

The discovery is ground-breaking. Unfortunately, the find only raises questions rather than provides answers about the Artemis fate. What was the Artemis doing in the Stanton system so long after she was due to arrive in the Gliese system? Why did she fail to arrive at the predestined M-Class planet in the Gliese system? Most importantly, why did someone feel the need to bury a part of the Artemis’ hull with her name written on it in the Stanton system, as if leaving a message? Is it a clue, a warning?

Then fragments of a cryptic, decaying message are found trapped within an anomaly of the ionosphere on Oso II: it is from the Artemis, but old. What is readily heard is “…are repair……go…buy.” Further analysis on Terra by technicians recovers more of the decaying message, as follows: “…venare repare impera. Goodbye.” It is Latin, and translates: “While I breathe, I hope…”

The most tangible lead comes from a thruster and an environmental suit of the Artemis that is subsequently found on Oso II (classified a pre-flight civilization). Unfortunately, these objects are being worshiped as religious fetishes and deemed items “important to the development and well-being of the Osoians Since Advocacy records are sealed under the Fair Chance Act… and the planet is Protected, further petitions to gain access to these artifacts lead only to dead ends and red tape.

Finally, Tonya Oriel, the renowned tomb-raider and historian, claims to have found the body of Kenlo, the Artemis’ chief engineer, frozen in ice in the Kallis system. What is even more chilling: A sister-copy of the Janus A.I. was used to lead Tonya Oriel to the Kallis system.

Further simulations on the copy of the machine core A.I. show that Janus would be capable of sophisticated decision-making and path-finding even without human input.

The Speculation

It seems clear that the Artemis changed its flight schedule. We do not know whether this decision was taken by the A.I. or the crew. We do know that the A.I. was capable of taking executive action including taking direct control of the ship.

So what happened?

Three possible deductions:

1) The Artemis found an ill fate, its wreckage strewn across several systems in failed attempts at repair.

2) The A.I., which should have found its way home to Earth instead of venturing further if encountering system failures, malfunctioned and awakened the crew. Together they continued forward in an attempt to find a habitable planet. If this is the case, why not stay at Oso II, why continue to the frozen wastes of the Kallis system? What became of the crew then, if ever there existed a mystery, is among the most compelling of all Star Citizens greatest wonders.

3) The A.I. was deliberately sabotaged or was made inoperable. To what purpose? Few answers to this question exist. But if this is the case, does the crew sleep still in a frozen tomb, lost in the frozen space of the Kallis system? It is, after all, the last known location of the Artemis. If adrift the Artemis could be within 5 light years of the Kallis system core.

Further Notes

While almost all of the most sensible of Citizens attribute the disappearance of the Artemis to one of the possible scenarios above, there are fringe elements that point out the name ‘Janus’ refers to the two-faced God from Earth’s ancient mythology. Might the Janus A.I. have betrayed its human passengers and made her voyage into the void to some unknown and dark location where she hides in wait for her mystery to be solved? Will you be the one to find the answers?

[Obtained info in several articles and written wiki lore in game and about the game] ask for details…]

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The Recruitment Process:

1. Apply to the organization and fill out our Application here. % GUILD APP %
2. Explore this site and get yourself registered to the website and familiar with TeamSpeak 3.
3. Post here to notify our Human Resources department:
4. Join Teamspeak

This group was formed to aid in the development of an event in Star Citizen.

Artemis lost, and Artemis Inveni, are groups dedicated to tracking and locating the lost.

Why We Explore

Human Space Exploration

Humanity’s interest in space has been universal and enduring. Humans are bound to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the limits of our scientific and technical understanding, and then push further. The intangible desire to explore and challenge the boundaries of what we know and where we have been has provided benefits to our way of life for centuries.

Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system. Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration we expand our technology, create industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other explorer’s

Curiosity and exploration are vital to the human spirit and accepting the challenge of going deeper into space will invite the citizens of the game today and that of tomorrow, Join Artemis Inveni on this exciting journey apply and come to know the details of the lost and damned.

A New Path

This is the beginning of a new era in space exploration in which CIG has been challenged to develop systems and capabilities required to explore beyond our known universe.

Artemis Inveni will use beta p.u. as a test-bed and stepping stone for the challenging journey ahead. By building upon what we learn there we will prepare citizens for the challenges of long-duration flight and the permanent expansion of human exploration beyond where we have been before.

Explorers may visit near-Earth like atmosphere’s, and begin to learn more about what is in store for the game.

Visiting other planets in our system will provide valuable mission experience and prepare us for the next steps–possibly for the trip humans take to Gliese and Hades.Robotic exploration continues to deliver profound answers about our Universe by visiting far-off destinations, providing reconnaissance and collecting scientific data.

When using both human and robotic exploration devices and methodology we will use this technology and our senses to increase our ability to observe, adapt, and uncover new knowledge.

About Exploration Systems Development

Artemis Inveni’s conception of a CIG supported event in game Exploration could be the best thing since sliced bread, as we have seen their willingness to back groups like OPPF a military event supported by CIG.

With this being our biggest desire, that we have come together to see this game support our vision of what could be a great experience in game for all.



Every Artemis Inveni member pledges to live by the following while searching for the lost colony ship:


Semper Fidelis

Translation: Always Faithful

  • Each member must uphold the responsibility to be faithful to each other.
  • One shall not lie, cheat, nor steal from another member when working together within our monthly events.
  • If a group finds a clue or artifact, then the whole group gets responsibility for finding the item; not one man nor woman.

We stand together as a family of explorers whom will respect each other at all times and shall not discriminate or harass another member in any way. This includes being racist or sexist.

Carpe Diem Noctis Raperent!

Translation: Seize The Day & Seize The Night!

Enjoy the time with each member and embrace the day and night where ever you live in the world. As the Artemis Inveni group will have events that cover 24 hour long operations, and monthly giveaways that will inspire all of us to look forward!

Te Audacter Itineri Committe!

Translation: [literally] Abandon Yourself Boldly To Journey!

Seek out and explore with the crew and members as we launch into the unknown , searching for lost clues and artifacts within many solar systems! Take the courage to venture, and hunt with us to find the lost colony ship!

De Omnibus Dubitandum

Translation: Everything Should Be Questioned

Look for all the clues, check it once, check it twice! Even if groups have searched before, the members in the Artemis Inveni will hunt for the clues. Not every NPC will be willing to tell the truth so easily…

Semita Exaro Sunt Tergum

Translation: Track Till They’re Back

Do not give up! Even if the events do not find immediate results, each step forward will help to solve the long lost mystery of what happened to the Artemis.

Sine Virtus, Sine Laus

Translation: [Approx.] “No Guts, No Glory”

Prepare yourself! Refine your ships and equipment, for the adventure awaits each member into the unknown! Pilots will be expected to encounter all sorts of people, enemies and even the possibility to endure assaults from enemies. You may encounter angry NPCs or hostile enemies.

Venienti Occurrite Morbo

Translation: Meet The Misfortune as It Comes

Prepare yourself for the costs of deep space exploration. The Artemis Inveni will hold events monthly for you to attend. Please keep in mind that risks to yours ships and your UEE credits may take a hit. All explorers face this reality, but it is a sacrifice that each explorer takes to uncover mysteries.

You are not obligated to participate in every event. Members of the crew are expected to share wealth and loses for their participation.

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

Translation: Fortune Favors The brave

With great strides to our goals benefits us with opportunities for many forms of profit. The wealth will be shares for your participation on each voyage you engage on. Presuming the Artemis,and other ships are found, the entire org. will decide what shall be done with the information or what to do with the ships. the Artemis colony ship is not the only mystery out here in the void, we will happen across many mysteries that will beckon our call to duty.

Veritas Vos Liberabit

Translation: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Be prepared and keep in mind that since the Artemis has been lost more than 700 years, it is a great possibility that a group, whether it be the governing aspects of some misguided orginizational conspiracy that may have caused and/or hidden the truth of what happened to the Artemis.