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Oraxion / ORAXION

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Role play
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  • Security
  • Trading


Oraxion Started in 2063 on the planet Earth. It’s objective was to conduct special warfare for dwindling nations against major super powers that succeeded from the United Nations. Preventing the transpiration of a global nuclear winter, Oraxion formed an international alliance known as the Oracle. Post war Oraxion found necessity in continuing operations with conjuring nations, of which established new territory while abiding by Oracle regulations. Although the Oracle helped nations establish bedrock progression, corporations took the opportunity to provide a safe haven toward these new nations in exchange for resources.

Oraxion has continued to provide small-scale security over time, but began transportation production and mining colonies to become self-sufficient and prevent coercion with immoral organizations for financial gain. Today Oraxion is one of the largest conglomerates to date, considered to be a superpower of it’s own. Oraxion’s largest outpost lies in an undisclosed location, while some outposts reside in Stanton, mortgaged through Hurston Dynamics.

Oraxion is a well known advocate against the creation and production of the Antimatter Warhead, which had been developed and since manufactured by Hurston Dynamics. However, Oraxion temporarily overlooks this as part of the agreement for it’s large settlement locations. Oraxion is also a large advocator against Operation Pitchfork, calling it a suicide mission. However, Oraxion will not intervene. Instead Oraxion focuses on it’s measures for allowing Operation Pitchfork a “second wave.”


Oraxion’s Intentions, motives, and views are summarized as follows:

  • To keep prosperity.
  • To continue exploration.
  • To advance progression.

At Oraxion we have always strived for a community that collaborate with each other, to work jointly toward the common goal of making Stanton, and neighboring systems, a better place. Not only from the vanduul, but from human factions that control settlements unjustifiably. Oraxion believes everyone should be a citizen, not just those fortunate enough to buy their privileges.

Our mission is to protect civilians and continue our prosperous future forward away from defamation and slander in distinction to the UEE’s partisan politics. Oraxion is not an organization, authority, or system. The members of our ‘conglomerate’ or ‘empire‘ fight for the idea of a prosperous life and the power of civil nations.


(Oraxion’s charter is summarized here, however all regulations are detailed in the Discord.)

Members of Oraxion are given the opportunity to join three sectors:

  • OMD- Oraxion Military Division
  • OSI- Oraxion Services Intelligence
  • CTIF- Commercial Trade of Industry and Freight

OMD: Military are driven through rigorous training and conformity to relay Oraxion’s message and conduct missions required to keep charter progression.

OSI: Intelligence is factored into client jobs and mission detail.

CTIF: Organizations with a CTIF license are given benefits of security and ensured for their trade of goods.