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Orion Cartel / ORCA

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ORCA is a part of the Oz Gaming Network, an Australian based multi-gaming clan, 70+ members strong. Join us at Orion Cartel – ORCA Spectrum.

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Early Years.

Founded in 2675, Orion Cartel also known as ORCA was one of the first corporations to sign up to the Far star Project which was formed by the UEE to establish a human colony in the Orion star system. The corporation established its headquarters on the planet Orion III also known as Armitage and quickly grew to be one of the largest providers of products and services to the newly colonized system.

Beginning with a focus on freight logistics, it didn’t take long for Orion Cartel to create ORCA Security along with research and development, and deep-space exploration subsidiaries. During the early stage of colonization, the Orion Cartel profits grew from its security and transport contracts with the UEE as well as profiting from exclusive mining rights it gained to large areas of land on the newly settled planets.
Orion Cartel’s rivals launched a high-profile campaign of deceit and defamation through jealousy of ORCA’s competitiveness, claiming that mining licenses were made through backroom meetings with UEE officials and corrupt deals. Through a long litigation process in the UEE Court of Appeals, these claims were never proven and their campaign swiftly ended, allowing Orion Cartel to continue to provide the colonies with our services unhindered.

Six years of peace and prosperity in Orion was soon to be shattered by wave after wave of Vanduul raids on the system in 2681. It isn’t clear whether the Vanduul were provoked by human presence in the system or if they were simply eager for new victims to claim, but the raids began with Armitage and only increased in frequency and ferocity. Within six months, Orion had been raided fifteen times; casualties among the colonists were atrocious. The UEE was faced with a difficult decision: deploying the Navy to such a distant star would have been difficult and expensive. Ultimately, Orion was abandoned as a formal human colony, and the Orion Cartel was also forced to abandon its operations in the system.

With refugees in their thousands fleeing the ravaged system, companies fled just as quickly, leaving many colonials stranded. Orion Cartel made a stand, despite warning from UEE authorities, to provide security and transport for refugees. Since the tragedy of the Orion System, the cartel has grown from strength to strength, and continues to provide its clients with low-price, high-quality products and services.


There are two things that have advanced the human species: co-operation and aggressive self-Interest.

From humanity’s early years as hunter-gatherers, to the industrial revolution of the 19th century, our ability to survive and flourish has relied on the collective action of people working together to further their own interests. To our own detriment, humans have tried to express this through Government which has continuously failed humans through out history till this present day. At Orion Cartel we seek to amend this failure of our species, and to embrace our nature. Aggressive self-interest through co-operation, going beyond the boundaries, bureaucracy and false ideals of governments, faiths and the pettiness of our corporate rivals.

We are a Multi-System Corporation, and we aim to provide services and products where they are needed, when they are needed. We excel at high level-organization and structure, with many opportunities available for our Associates and clients. Citizens have for too long suffered the failings of their governments and misguided idealist groupsicles. We are here to fill that void.

Everything has a price. Where there is a buyer, we are the seller. Where there is a need, we are the provider. Space doesn’t revolve around goodwill, it revolves around capital and work. At Orion Cartel we accept both.

Pay for a service or product, or join us and enjoy the many benefits our company can provide you.

If you want to be a part of something greater than yourself, something greater than static nation-states and governments, something greater than idle rhetoric, then you have a home at Orion Cartel. We don’t patronize you with ideals, we accept the material facts of space and pursue them. If you want to pursue them too, then join one of Orion Cartel’s Divisions today.

We accept all competent pilots, crewmen, marines and more. Competency is our only requirement.


How to Join ORCA

Click Join Now, if you are interested in joining Orion Cartel. After this you are simply required to register on our forums at and all you need to do is to show an active interest in the clan and a commitment to stay an active member. After the two weeks, you’ll be made a full Member!

ORCA Rules and Regulations.
Coming soon.


1. Security and Defense [ORCA-SEC]

1a. Provide the legal general defence and security of the Cartel and it’s Divisions.
1b. Spearhead legitimate military action against enemy combatants.
1c. Police ORCA space, setting up checkpoints, maintaining tolls, scanning suspects cargo, detain suspects.
1d. Providing security services to clients.

2. Commerce, Logistics & Mercantile [ORCA-CLM]

2a. Sell, buy and trade for the Cartel, whether individually on behalf of ORCA, or when fulfilling a specific operation.
2b. Conduct mining operations.
2c. Transport freight and cargo.
2d. Manufacture equipment for ORCA or to be sold for on the market.

3. Exploration & Science [ORCA-EXS]

3a. Pioneer untapped systems and planets for the Cartel, discover objects of value and interest, communicating coordinates and stats to HCM for assessment.
3b. All Science related activity comes under EXS.


4a. Special Operations. Inquire to High-Command [HCM] for details.