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Welcome to Oretani. Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to join us. Here is our discord channel.


The steps to advancement
Oretani corp began somewhere within the 25th century on Terra.Under the moniker of Veil Intergalactic Before becoming independent of the UEE, as a small research and development firm around the same time as the disappearance of an exploration vessel that was last seen around the Oretani jump point.After the withdrawal from the UEE affiliation in 2546 and moving primary operations to more private and outlying systems for more independence and away from the scrutiny of pro Messer factions.

For the course of about two centuries Veil Intergalactic have been developing over clocked weapons for many companies across the galaxy. And starting to absorb small companies here and there. Like Tristar security also from Terra and needing a new place to call it’s headquarters and became the company’s personal PMC division for protecting the company’s assets.Also absorbing a Salvage and Repair company by the name of Faraday Solutions in the same year of 2776.Things have remained pretty steady until some branding changes were made within the higher echelons of Veil Intergalactic and in January 2948 the Oretani Corporation was revealed not long after moving it’s headquarters to Area 18 on Arccorp. Thus becoming the multi faceted corporation that it is today.From private business contracts to multi system deals taking Oretani corp across the known universe.

Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. Sun Tzu


Oretani Command

ORSEC [Oretani Security division]
ORAD [Oretani Research and Development division ( Scientific research,scouting and Exploration)]
OSLD [Oretani Support Logistics Division (repair/refueling/salvage)]
OTCD [Oretani Trade & Commerce division (hauling/ commercial trade)]




1- Real life always comes first.Try to be active.

2-Contribution is always appreciated but not forced,Keep in mind that you get what you put in with your time

3-Be yourself.In game and in voice coms.We’re not here to mold you into someone you’re not.

4-We’re a group that puts fun above responsibility, but maintain the balance to keep things organized.
The balance is very important. We all get it. People have jobs and families. So we try adamantly to not make people feel like they are escaping real life to go to another job.That’s not who we are.

5-We don not tolerate drama or woeful attitudes. We’re all adults and don’t have an age restriction.
But we don’t have time to deal with complaints about this and that.