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The Organization / ORG

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In due time.


The primary objective for The Organization is to develop and maintain infrastructure to support Espionage and Independent Spycraft as careers in Star Citizen equally as viable as Bounty Hunting, Trading, Escort Services, Salvaging or other mainstream professions.

While there are many ways in which we presently support such development, there are four main non-sensitive methods by which this goal will be achieved.

By creating a marketplace for information (Something we first started over nearly five years ago here in the community) we will turn Information into a commodity to be bought, sold, and traded like any other.

By developing the largest network of dedicated espionage agents we will be in position to take advantage of supply and demand for this information, allowing us to make a tidy profit whilst providing our services and outsourcing to contractors to extend our reach ever further.

By means of our Social Engineering projects we will shape the Universe as it develops creating the ideal landscape for our business and a means by which we can act as a catalyst for change ensuring that information is highly valued and always in demand.

Through our professional conduct and commitment to confidentiality we will provide support to clients that contract our services, giving our clientele a marked advantage over their competitors without need for public action.

Our project is unique in its scope, breadth of activities, dedication to the concept, execution of said concept and of course its focus on Espionage.

Our members are from diverse backgrounds but all share an appreciation for logistics, the Meta-game, careful planning and above all, Patience.

We look for similar traits in those we approach to do business with.



We are a clinical, factual organization which will not be swayed by petty rivalry, bribery or personal vendettas. We are bound to pursue the vision of The Organization and take care not to let short-term gains jeopardize our long term goals.

All members of The Organization are held to the following values:

1) Members strive to supply The Organization with the best information available.
2) Information will be offered to clients, or not, at the discretion of The Organization.
3) The Organization shall remain independent and will not act as instruments of governments or corporations without a contract.
4) The Organization strives to protect the privacy of both those who wish to sell and those who wish to buy information.
5) Members will not withhold, or personally exploit, any information or other asset they come to possess in the course of their duties for The Organization.
6) Members will keep an honest and professional attitude at all times, and not risk the good name & standing of The Organization by petty rivalry or selfish acts.
7) Above all else, The Contract comes first.