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Roberts Space Industries ®

ORGG Interplanetary / ORGG

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Freelancing

ORGG Interplanetary is the off-world section of the ORGG PMC.

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ORGG Interplanetary was founded to facilitate extraterrestrial acquisitions of the ORGG PMC.
As one of the first PMCs to move over to the Terra system, ORGG required a way to establish a foothold in more systems.
Thus ORGG Interplanitary was established to increase manufacturing and trade profits as a way to keep up with the market.

In 2951, ORGG Interplanetary managed to secure two Capital Ships into the ORGG Fleet which are currently stuck in delivery due to gang related interference in the Pyro Sector.


Like a Phoenix from the ashes

ORGGs core belief is the Idea of winning through persistence and wit, in order to stand against overwhelming force.
That means to turn your enemies gun on himself, to not have him realise that he is even in danger, and to win, not in numbers, but through breaking him down, little by little. To have your enemy realise that he may win many battles, but that the losses will stack up, until eventually, you have turned his entire fleet on himself.”