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Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion / ORIONGUARD

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The Guardians of Orion is a long term Operation Pitchfork Initiative to liberate the Orion System. We are part of Operation Pitchfork but plan to build a base in the Orion system and keep it safe from future Vanduul attacks and allow recolonization by humanity!


Three centuries ago
August 9, 2681 was the day the Vanduul came and slaughtered the settlers on Orion. Since that day all contact has been generally hostile with the Vanduul being the ones instigating the agression, murdering human civilians. Even if Orion was claimed by the Vanduul, no such indication was reasonably given upon entering the system and no signal or other form of communication was present planetside to signify a claim.

Orion was formally abandoned as a colony world by the UEE in 2683, however the planet is still home to a small settlement of humans.

Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion has its roots in Operation Pitchfork. While Pitchfork will be a singular event and a widescale invasion into Vanduul space, the guardians will attempt to try beforehand, during and after the operation, to secure Orion, build a base and subsequently keep it save for human settlers.


The Guardians of Orion is an Operation Pitchfork initiative to maintain a human presence in the Orion system. Its goal is to increase human infrastructure and recolonize Orion.

We dream of a blue Orion System reclaimed from the Vanduul

We will achieve this by forming a broad cooperation of players and organizations

And we will organize the efforts to drive the Vanduul back and establish the economic infrastructure to sustain and defend the system


As the Guardians of Orion it is our intent to:

  • drive the Vanduul out of their conquered territories and see their safe return to Human hands and those people whose rights and livelihoods were violated by the Vanduul invasion;
  • preserve the peace and prosperity of the Orion system and its inhabitants;
  • secure the Orion system against any force that tries to compromise its safety;
  • rebuild and stimulate the economy and infrastructure within the Orion system;
  • establish the Orion system as neutral territory.

As the Guardians of Orion we will perform the following acts:

  • Engage any Vanduul found in the Orion and adjacent systems;
  • defend any Pitchfork Alliance member who comes under attack;
  • come to the aid of any ship in legitimate distress;
  • ensure the safety and economic prosperity of the Orion and adjacent systems.

And as the Guardians of Orion we will work based on the values that every human:

  • is free to establish a place for themselves in the Orion and adjacent systems
  • has the right to travel and explore space in freedom and safety;
  • has the right to establish entrepreneurial activities and use their gain as they please;
  • Is free to befriend, exchange with and affiliate with any they choose, provided they do not work against the already mentioned intentions, acts and values.