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The Knights Of The Temple / ORIONIII

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    Bounty Hunting

“Remember Armitage!”


The Knights Of The Temple were an ancient Order comprised of ex military veterans and skilled citizens who decided to dedicate themselves to the protection of innocent civilians in an ever expanding and violent universe regardless of Political or Organizational influences. Whilst not large their Knights were well regarded by law abiding citizens for the assistance of the Knights different Orders.

2541: The Knights Of The Temple were involved in the First Tevarin War fighting alongside UPE forces in some of the major engagements of that conflict. (First Tevarin War)

2546: Amid growing concerns of Messer’s meteoric rise to power, Grand Master Rengor issued a decree to his Questing Knights to find a isolated system to provide a suitable fallback position if required.

2555: Our Questing Knights successfully chartered a wormhole to the Orion system. All knowledge of this system was kept solely for The Knights Of The Temple and Grand Master Rengor gave permission for the construction of a new Temple.

2603: The second Tevarin War breaks out. The Messer regime tries to take control of The Knights Of The Temple’s military assets. Grand Master Sevrin refuses to allow his forces to be under the command of any political party or organization however he does allow his Knights Hospitaller to care for those wounded or stranded in the battles ahead. Fearing possible repercussions he gives the order to secretly transfer our most valuable artifacts to the new Temple on Orion III. (Tears Of Fire)

2606: The Messer’s once again try to enforce their will on The Knights Of The Temple and take control of their military assets. Grand Master Sevrin manages to send a encrypted flash code for all ships to withdraw to our new Temple base and to go into isolation. Messar’s forces stormed our old Temple base, killing the remaining Knights and Temple Guardians. Unable to fight his way clear and fearing giving away the Orion’s system co-ordinates under prolonged torture, Grand Master Sevrin insured the total destruction of all reference material before taking his own life.

2650: The discovery of Orion system by a UEE Destoyer Squadron low on fuel. The Squadron Commander was sympathetic to our Order after his Father had once been saved by our Knights Hospitaller after being forced to eject from his burning fighter and was left adrift in space. In exchange for fuel reserves and in depth star maps of the region He ensured our continuing secrecy. (Orion System)

2660: Settler colonization of Orion III. Whilst surprised to find the existence of The Knights Of The Temple already on the planet they are happy about the security we provide as it is too far away for the UEE navy to regularly patrol. Ending our Isolationist policy our Knights once again venture out into the Universe.

2681: August 9, The Vanduul attack. In a overwhelming raid Armitage was completely wiped out. With our forces now spreading out among the galaxy we didn’t have the resources to withstand an attack by a Vanduul Kingship. Last reports of Grand Master Regan put him leading a desperate boarding action against the Vanduul Kingship. All acknowledge that such an action was a suicide mission and as we have not heard any further reports we have to assume he died fighting trying to save the colonists. (Scorched Earth)

2682: A new Knightly Order is introduced within The Knights Of The Temple. The Order of the Phoenix with the catch phrase “ Remember Armitage!” rises from the ashes to wage an ongoing Crusade against the Vanduul.

2792: End of the Messer Era. The Knights Of The Temple continue to rebuild and recruit for their Crusade against their sworn enemies, the Vanduul.

2945: The Knights Of The Temple assist UEE Navy forces fight back against the Vanduul attack of Vega II. (Empire Report.)

2946: Grand Master Damonicas is appointed. Focus is own recruiting and rebuilding forces for upcoming war against Vanduul.


“Remember Armitage!”

The Vanduul are our sworn enemies and The Knights Of The Temple have a perpetual Crusade against them for as long as the threat they represent exists. As such, Knights from any Order are expected to engage the Vanduul at all opportunities even being prepared to lay down their life to allow innocent civilians to escape.

Temple God’s:

The Knights Of The Temple pay homage to the ancient Titan’s of old Earth mythology. First among God’s, the Titan’s were the fore-runners of Earth’s ancient religions and many believe that they were a more accurate representation of the mysteries of the Universe.

Whilst each Order has it’s own Patron Deity first among all others is the Titaness Mnemosyne, Goddess of memory and remembrance and the mother of the nine Muses. Some of the more pious among our Knights consider our Temple’s destruction at Orion III as a test by the Titaness to see if we will still truly remember.

Patron Deity’s:

Order of the Phoenix – Titan Pallas, God of battle and warfare.
Order of the Lady – Titaness Themis, Goddess of divine law and order.
Order of Knights Hospitaller – Titaness Tethys, Goddess of fresh water and nursing.
Order of Knights Errant – Titan Astraeus, God of stars and planets and of the art of astrology.
Order of Knights-Brethren – Titaness Metis, Goddess of good counsel, advice, planning and wisdom.

Whilst in the service of the Titaness Mnemosyne our Knights live by an ancient code of chivalry which has been handed down through the ages and which reflects how others remember us.

Code Of Chivalry:

To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
To protect the weak and defenceless
To give succour to widows and orphans
To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
To live by honour and for glory
To fight for the welfare of all
To obey those placed in authority
To guard the honour of fellow knights
To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
To keep faith
At all times to speak the truth
To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
To respect the honour of women
Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
Never to turn the back upon a foe

Knightly Order’s within The Knights Of The Temple:

Order of the Phoenix: This is our military arm and will engage in assaults or escort duties as required.

Order of the Lady: The Lady of Justice requires the scales to be balanced and our Knights in this Order specialize in hunting down and bringing in those fugitives on the run. More then just common Bounty Hunters, our Knights adhere strictly to the terms on the bounty and will bring in alive those that need to face justice.

Order of Knights Hospitaller: This is our Combat Medical and Rescue teams. The Knights Of The Temple also has it’s own Hospital Ship that can be deployed where required.

Order of Knights Errant: These are our Questing Knights who vow to explore and open up the mysteries of the Universe. It was Questing Knights from this Order that discovered the wormhole to the Orion system before the UEE.

Order of Knights-Brethren: This consists of all our support personal such as Miners, R&D, Salvaging and Repair crews etc.

Future Goals:

Short term:
- To get active members into Arena Commander and Star Marine following the release of Alpha 2.6.
- To promote and recruit new members.

Long term, in game:
-To participate in Operation Pitchfork.
- To acquire and outfit a Javelin Destroyer as a mobile base of operations.
- To establish, if possible, a permanent outpost back on Orion 3.
- To keep the Orion system secure from further Vanduul incursions.

Org Fleet:

- Aegis Idris P with K after market kit (Frigate)
- Endeavor Hope Class (Heavy Science/Medical Ship)
- Anvil Liberator (Pocket Carrier/Transporter)
- Starfarer Gemini (Military Heavy Re-fueler)
- RSI Perseus (Frigate)
- Carrack (Large Multi-Task)
- Redeemer (Gunship)
- Mantis (Interdictor ship)
- Terrapin (Pathfinder)
- Esperia Prowler (Dropship)
- Aegis Vanguard (Heavy Fighter/Bomber)
- Sabre Comet (Medium Stealth Fighter)

Voice Chat: Discord


1. Respect each other. You give it, you get it.

2. Respect the Guild. Don’t tarnish the Guilds reputation by your actions.

3. Piracy or Slavery will not be tolerated by members.

4. Online cheating eg: Aimbot etc will not be tolerated by Guild.

5. Deliberate and consistent griefing of other players will not be tolerated as it will impact the reputation of the Guild and invite retaliation to other members.

6. Be pro-active. The strength of the Guild is it’s community spirit. If you wish to do specific events then feel free to speak up and organize.