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Roberts Space Industries ®

Outer Rim Protection and Exploration Corporation / ORPEC

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Trading

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ORPEC was born,
On humanity’s homeworld earth around the year 2880 with the hope to rekindle efforts to explore the solar system. The Organization was founded when the UEE was looking to reshape its image and reach out into further systems. Because of this willingness to show off a different side of the UEE many government contracts were awarded such as the contracts for the Chronos Constructions of 2872. The founders of ORPEC seeing a chance to extend the knowledge of humanity saw this as a chance to venture further into the stars and were awarded a contract for deep space exploration in 2881.From 2881 to 2884 ORPEC was key in funding the development of the CHARIOT engine developed by Dr. Russell Valam. After the engine exploded in its test bed the company began to slip into obscurity.

Little known to many, ORPEC’s Voyager division had already received a prototype of the engine for one of its RSI Constellation Aquilas, and would proceed to test it in an undisclosed location. The test was a disaster The initial explosion vaporized the flagship and all tertiary craft in its vicinity. All other observation craft due to an electromagnetic pulse were unable to leave the system or send out distress signals. In a matter of seconds, ORPEC’s exploration fleet was left floating dead in space. Some of the survivors were able to escape the blast using escape pods and landed on various uninhabited moons and planets, to this day they have not been found. Given the nature of the tragedy and their loss these individuals have been labeled as voidborn and are celebrated as early heroes for their sacrifices for human expansion. This was a devastating blow to exploration for the UEE and The Outer Rim Protection and Exploration Corporation with very little exploration taking place after this event. The public would not know about the failure until 2941 with the passing of the Historical Truth Act by the UEE. Due to this fact the Organization would continue to run in obscurity until in 2944 when the Organization once again began to push the agenda of exploration backed by more government funding and the newly founded Spartacus, Jove and Atlas divisions.

For many years ships had been going missing in the outer rim systems only to reappear without their cargo or crew. By 2947 it became clear that this was becoming more and more of an issue for PMC’s and Contractors in these systems. This crisis came to a height in 2948 when images surfaced of an ORPEC ship boarding multiple trading vessels in crusader. While the main corporate structure of ORPEC covered up for these allegations to this day ORPEC ships have been taking part in grey operations not sanctioned under UEE law.

How Do You Fit In ORPEC’s Next Historical Chapter?
In the year 2946 ORPEC began to hire outside of its corporate circle and began to bring more operators into the organization. With the creation of the Spartacus, Jove, and Atlas, the needs for new recruits continued to grow and does to this day.

As a new recruit, you are tasked with finding a career that now suits you in the organization. Are you an explorer, or do you think you want to transport goods? As our operation grows these opportunities multiply. Now with the addition of the private sector captains program, you can also be a captain in Voyager and atlas divisions, managing your own operation, your own crew and your own ship with the support of ORPEC’s infrastructure.

ORPEC As A Gaming Group
ORPEC was started by two Canadian friends at the end of 2015 and since then has grown into a multinational gaming community with roots in multiple games. As we grew we understood the awesome potential of this group and have worked hard to mold it into the group present today. Our home will always be amongst the stars but that has not stopped us from reaching out to other games as we grow.

From our inception, we have focused on delivering a respectful and fun place to play games for mature individuals. From our humble beginnings on skype to our now very active discord server we have made a commitment to delivering interesting gaming events and experiences to our members while achieving our goals in game. We have active and helpful staff who are always ready to answer questions and a multitude of veterans to help new players get started in the verse or in other games.

In Game History
Mar.1st 2950 ORPEC Declares war against CORP as they support TENJIN and INTRO Within 5 mins of the first engagement with CORP ORPEC destroys 3 capital ships and 6 fighters. It is estimated that close to 4 million auec is destroyed in this attack with no ORPEC losses.
Feb. 27th 2950 ORPEC attacks targets from three organizations within 2 hours in a day dubbed bloody Thursday.
Feb. 5th 2950 ORPEC Joins the fight against UNARAS & FSA as the war grows.
Jan. 20th 2950 ORPEC has been fighting in the verse and in Star Marine against INTRO and TENJIN for 10 days, several other orgs join the peacekeeping coalition.
Jan. 10th 2950 ORPEC Declares a war against TENJIN and INTRO due to their harassment of smaller groups. Thus the Meme War Began (several allies also join)
Nov 24th 2949 ORPEC ends the Olisar Wargame with 127 kills
Nov 19th 2949 ORPEC has killed 86 players in the first 72 hours topping our Outlaw Games record
Nov 16th 2949 ORPEC kills 50 players within the first 6 hours of the event video highlights
Nov 16th 2949 ORPEC joins the November 2019 Community Wargame | Last Stand: The Battle of Olisar
Sept. 27th 2949 ORPEC ran a joint training exercise with the JTF focused on base defense.
Sept. 21st 2949 ORPEC participates in an 890 boarding Wargame set up by the JTF
July 6th 2949 ORPEC Members take part in a multiple org operation in the PTU hosted by GALLOG
May 24th 2949 ORPEC conducts a joint training exercise with the group The British Are Coming [TBAC]
April 17th 2949 ORPEC leaves B6 after presented evidence of an alliance member’s attempt to dox another organization.
April 13th 2949 ORPEC joins the Babylon6 Project
Mar 7th 2949 ORPEC begins to deploy military forces into the Stanton System to counter aggression from several organizations with operations planned in the coming weeks.
Mar. 4th 2949 ORPEC Runs a joint Search and Rescue simulation with NOAFF & ANGELSQN
Dec. 15 2948 ORPEC Publishes our year in review video Here
Nov. 16 2948 ORPEC Publishes our new 2019 constitution.
Nov. 02 2948 ORPEC co-hosts a Rover Death Race on Delamar. Multiple orgs submit teams and compete.
Sept. 30 2948 ORPEC’s final kill count for the September Outlaw Games is 315 confirmed.
Sept. 26 2948 ORPEC Joins Operation Blackwater
Sept. 26 2948 ORPEC turns 1000 Days old
Sept. 15 2948 By the mid way point of the Outlaw Games ORPEC has 265 confirmed kills
Sept. 01 2948 ORPEC engages in the September Outlaw Games with 84 confirmed kills in the first 72 hours.
Aug. 18 2948 ORPEC wins the Citizens Coffee Cup
Aug. 16 2948 Featured on Around The Verse
Aug 2948 Multiple reports of rouge ORPEC pilots. Outlaw activity officially sanctioned.
July 2948 ORPEC plans and runs Operation Desert Hawk for multiple orgs
May 2948 Joined the Alpha Celestial Body Mapping Expedition
Dec. 2947 Participated in Operation Primer with multiple other orgs
Sept. 2947 Became a sponsor of the Origin 600I Owners Club
Aug. 2947 ORPEC received a deceleration of war from ESTE in what was to become The 4 hours War . ORPEC claimed 4 kills before peace negotiations harbored by TORC are successful in ending the conflict.
June. 2947 Became a member of the UNIFIED ARMISTICE ASSOCIATION
June. 2946 Weekly flight operations begin
Feb. 2946 Inter org communications begin (Discord is founded)
Dec. 2945 Founded in the Terran Nation of Canada


Welcome to ORPEC
ORPEC may be a small organisation but we have high standards and high goals. We represent a small tight knit community who is planning to protect and explore the verse. We will work on Star mapping, planetary exploration, scouting, special ops, naval operations, and escort duty. If you are interested in any of these things you will be a good fit for our organisation.
ORPEC is built of multiple divisions that have different goals in the verse. Each of these groups has a command structure and an internal community. They work to continue ORPEC’s story forward in their own way and by supporting eachother. When you Join ORPEC you will find a place in one of these divisions and can switch to another at any time if you wish to allow for the gameplay that you want.


ORPEC although a peace-loving corporation understands that not all players of the verse hold the same values. For this reason, we are building a capable Navy and Marine Corps under the joint command of Spartacus. This unit while not the largest in ORPEC will serve our corporation in peacetime and in the event of a skirmish. Anyone with a combat focus, a willingness to learn and an attitude fit for team play will find this a welcome home amongst the stars protecting the people and shipments of the Outer Rim.


ORPEC’s Voyager division is the premier exploration group in ORPEC. If you find yourself looking up at the stars and wanting to go to everyone this is the place for you. Voyager will focus on the mapping scanning and artifact collecting that the verse has to offer. Voyager will also actively take part in scouting and in-game information gathering. With ORPEC’s multiple voyager crews covering a wide range of occupation choices there is a place for budding and well-seasoned explorers in this division.


Atlas is ORPEC’s industry division, they focus on reclamation, trade, refueling and mining. If you want to focus on industry in Star Citizen start here! Atlas hopes to connect other orgs and npc clients to the resources and services they need in deep space. Atlas also runs the civilian captains program allowing crews to maintain autonomy when performing daily tasks while still striving for greater goals as an org.


ORPEC’s Jove division handles all out of game activities. These meta activities including server management and admin work, recruitment and web development. Jove builds and monitors the tools that allow our org to grow inside and outside the verse to better suit our members.

World Class Community
We currently have members from around the world collaborating within our ranks. We rely on the use of discord communications for our org coms and briefing, as well as other tasks. We also make use of spectrum as a forums platform. We are currently working on preparation, ptu training, information gathering and research, and coming together as a small community to have fun.
Your Ship in ORPEC
In ORPEC you have the option to join as a member then take a posting as a captain within our org. This means you can start to create a team your way with your own goals, all while getting the support of ORPEC’s other divisions. ORPEC will always have a need for more captains as we expand, each of these captains commanding a small flotilla. You can also join as a group already active in the verse to gain these benefits!
Leadership in ORPEC and You
Within ORPEC there are still many positions open if you wish to take on a command. Our officers are in charge of a specific section of our fleet and its operations. Commanders are expected to attend command meetings when they are called and to complete a few extra tasks when needed for the org. These task will be handed out by the chain of command and are expected to be completed within a month.
Other Games
ORPEC is active in other games as well we are currently playing in War thunder, Squad, Overwatch and others!


Orpec Constitution
This organization created on the 30th of December 2015 as a place for star citizen pilots to feel at home in a community setting, while striving for excellence within the areas of exploration, protection, grey operations and logistics.
As of September 2948 all members are allowed to engage in grey activity as long as they do not engage in any of the following.
Attack an allied organization.
Take a protection contract and then turn on the customer.
Fire on a new player to the Star Citizen community.
Start a larger scale conflict. All fighting should be skirmishes.
Our fleet focuses on the protection of mankind, as well as exploring the unknown to protect the future of our species and to extend our knowledge of the Verse.
We are dedicated to providing the best experience for our operators inside and outside of star citizen through voice comms, gaming groups and support.
All members of ORPEC are to be respected regardless of their sexual orientation, race or other demographic factors.
All members must adhere to the terms and service as found on the rsi website.
Members who enter the organization of ORPEC will be held to a high moral standard, with a martial system in place to assess their actions taken in the name of ORPEC.
If a member is found doing any of the following they are subject to immediate dismissal from ORPEC without a trial.
They reveal ship positions to a hostile force without admiral or Division Head consent.
They pass off information or intellectual property to another organization for profit or try to profit off of other org members without the consent of a division head or director.
They pass information to another organization that will allow another organization to know about our command activities.
They provide links to closed command areas or documents to other organizations without the approval of the Directors.
They directly and intentionally violate a Lawful Order.
They dox or release information about another member without their consent.
Threaten other members or disrupt communication (ex. Banning members from external servers without permission from a commanding officer or civilian official.).