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PVP is one of life’s greatest pleasures even moreso when you can take the losers shit.” Some idiot named Gromko

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HEY KIDS YOU LIKE VIOLENCE? Are you prone to acts of homicide solely for the purpose of your own amusement? Tired of getting called a griefer every time you innocently attack some greedy trader who is probally up to no good anyway? For the first time in years OVERKILL is publicly recruiting and we are looking for fellow men and women of culture who share our love of PVP in all its glory primarily the act of piracy! That’s right ladies and gentleman you too could join our merry band of murderous moppets and find a new home amongst the stars where all we care about is how good you can make shit dead because who want to be a miner anyway?

We have been around Star citizen for a few years now and never before have we been so close to seeing piracy implemented into the game with the coming updates set to drop this year. So I welcome you all to come join the crew of OVERKILL all you need is a proper attitude and a sense of humor and we will take care of the rest.

Our goals are simple we want to enjoy the act of PVP and make enough money to support that crippling addiction while having as much fun as possible. In that spirit we have assembled one of the largest backer fleets belonging solely to a pirate organization so that our members will never be without something to fly.

We are primarily NA but a number of us are EU as well to balance out time zones.


Just a reminder that we like to kill shit and don’t take shit seriously.


Be cool with your people. We’ll make the rest happen together.