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Welcome to Outer Worlds Network (O.W.N.)

Profit at the fringes of the known U.E.E.

A privately held combat capable economic concern.



What follows are sorted origins the Outer Worlds Network, O.W.N. A description of how the loosely paramilitary, for-profit corporation rose to successful and legitimate prominence:

O.W.N. founder, Trakker Masterson and great great grandfather of O.W.N.’s current CEO, was originally from the Vega System and had retired from Squadron 42 of the UEE military to enjoy the fruits of his military labors on his Home world. Masterson took advantage of his flight experience and started the small hauling concern which originally specialized in short hauls between the planets of the Vega System. During that period the populace was living under constant fear of Vanduul incursions after the fall of the Virgil System because many experts agreed that the Vega System was the next logical Vanduul target. Trakker Masterson capitalized on his military background quickly expanding his operations to provide a fighter escort and contract protection services which flourished amid the fearful sentiments even though the Vanduul attack never materialized. This background explains why O.W.N.’s Corporate Headquarters and the bulk of its resources were originally located on Selene and subsequently relocated to Aremis in the Vega System.


In the 29th century, much of O.W.N.’s early profits and notoriety came from being one of the original distributors for Kastak Arms in the Vega System which secured early profitability. O.W.N. was also a pivotal force in the* Selene Civil War*. At the time, the evil, oppressive, dictatorial leader of Selene, Ariane Effendi, outlawed and hunted O.W.N. Operatives. Effendi labeled the patriots as “smugglers”, “gun-runners” and “traitors” because of their efforts to arm the populace and pursue human rights. O.W.N. Pilots met Effendi’s challenge head-on and redoubled their efforts to destroy Effendi’s ability to oppress the populace. Elite pilots incensed by the Effendi’s atrocities flocked to O.W.N. and overmatched the government’s ability in the skies above Selene. At this point O.W.N. adopted the Slogan “The best of the best… For the common good!” in an effort to attract elite pilots. O.W.N.’s exposure on Selene was a double-edged sword, the Effendi Regime’s efforts effectively strangled O.W.N. economic interests, forcing the relocation of economic activities and O.W.N. headquarters to Aremis, where O.W.N. continued to reside until the present day. The arming of the populace accomplished the planet Selene’s eventual freedom and served to make a tidy profit for O.W.N. Those same “outlaws” distinguished themselves in several battles of the Selene Civil War. That conflict allowed the opposition leader, Omar Astacio, to wrest control of the government and put an end to Effendi’s oppression. This early history explains OWN’s heavy focus on the blend of economic and military superiority. It sheds light on why those Operatives with a military background tend to advance and succeed in the organization.


Springboarding off of its initial military successes, Outer Worlds Network diversified into a number of successful enterprises including; mining, shipping, salvage, exploration and research and development. O.W.N.’s subsidiary,Wescott Ordinace Research and Development (W.O.R.D.) became known as a destination flight school and weapons/spacecraft testing facility. W.O.R.D. offers would-be pilots an* alternative to the traditional UEE Navy Flight Training* as well as offering the best of the best continuing and advanced experience. W.O.R.D. affords both retired and veteran UEE pilots a means of honing cutting edge tactical and strategic skills.

O.W.N. enjoyed years of prosperity and success in the succeeding years, eventually becoming one of the largest privately held concerns in the Vega System, which had become the hub of the company’s operations. O.W.N. was named one of the top 5000 on the Forbe’s Galactic 5000 Blog. Management contributed O.W.N.’s success to its hiring, recruitment and succession emphasis. In the lobby of the O.W.N.’s monolithic Human Resources Construct is inscribed* “O.W.N. – recruiting the Best of the Best!”* Consequently, many top names in several industries call themselves O.W.N. Operatives. O.W.N. looked forward to a future of expansion, success and record profits.


On October 5, 2945, it all came crashing down at the hands of the humanity’s menace…* The Vanduul…*

The current C.E.O, Trak Masterson, received a “battlefield promotion” after the recent, tragic death of both parents and the destruction of much of the Company during the* Vanduul invasion Aremis in the Vega System*. The horrific surprise attack resulted in the destruction of OWN’s Corporate Headquarters and the loss of many of OWN’s resources. O.W.N was sent reeling by the devastating attack and the losses of both resources and friends. The Vega System was rendered a war zone. O.W.N. was forced to retreat, lick its wounds and was challenged to contract, redefine, re-organize and re-deploy. In the wake of the attack, opportunistic pirates attacked OWN assets reeking further havoc to a wounded OWN. Masterson made an Emergency Broadcast (See below) to all O.W.N. Operatives, directing them to cease current operations and redeploy to consolidate O.W.N.’s position. OWN is re-inventing itself to make revenge against the Vanduul and pirates profitable…

CEO Masterson is emphatic about recruiting the best of the best to replenish the ranks of those lost on Aremis; insisting that O.W.N.’s new story will be written by the efforts of current and future O.W.N. Operatives.


The Outer Worlds Network (OWN) intends to bring destruction to the Vanduul and avenge their atrocities against the UEE and OWN. Funding and resources will be be provided by the Vanduul; reaped from the salvage, retooling and sale of Vanduul ships, weapons and technology taken from dead Vanduul hands. Members will ultimately be armed with military grade equipment taken as plunder or as salvage from Vanduul encounters, with our current ultimate goal of supplying all members with F8 Lightnings taken as salvage. Recognizing that this goal is long range, OWN will continue to pursue economic ventures as well as paramilitary missions.

The Outer Worlds Network (OWN) is focused on profiting from the destruction of Vanduul and pirate assets in revenge for their wanton attacks and the destruction of our headquarters during the October 2945 attack on Aremis in the Vega System. OWN will continue limited Econ Operations (salvage, shipping, mining, manufacturing, combat escort, etc.) to help provide the capitol necessary for the venture.

Slogan: Revenge… We turn mayhem into money…
Motto: “It’s personal but profitable…

  • For decades, Outer Worlds Network (OWN) was a successful multi-galactic corporation that had become a destination employer focusing on trade, industry and exploration with a military emphasis. OWN was headquartered on Aremis in the Vega System and had a proud and profitable history. On October 5, 2945, OWN was forever changed by the destruction of its Headquarters during the Vanduul attack on Aremis. OWN’s pre-Aremis Manifesto is no longer in force but is being redefined as the remaining OWN Operatives reorganize and rewrite their history.
  • The Vanduul attack that gutted the company and two subsequent pirate raids, forced OWN to contract, redefine and redirect itself towards a darker purpose; Making revenge profitable… OWN will continue to profit from its trade, industry and exploration efforts in order to fund, outfit and sustain the development and operation of an elite military unit aimed at the heart of the Vanduul and pirate concerns. To further supplement operating capital, OWN intends to harvest and salvage Vanduul Technology and pirate assets as the spoils of war…

• Pre-Aremis Slogan – Universal Trade & Security is our craft! Profit & Adventure is our Goal!
• Pre-Aremis Motto – “It’s not personal… It’s just good business…”



OWN is committed to space superiority and success of our Operatives. To that end, OWN will help provide optimal equipment, load-outs, ships and training to our Operatives in need for both combat and econ operations.

• Provide protection from within and without. OWN will provide a helpful, friendly, strife-free organizational atmosphere. OWN commits to the protection of its Operatives and their resources.

OWN is committed to fostering a participative leadership style where Operatives opinions and insights are used to define our goals, objectives and direction.


• Loyalty, brotherhood, support and commitment.

• Protect OWN, its personnel and its reputation. Operatives follow UEE laws and OWN policies.

• Operatives in need shall enter into and uphold their end of an Econ Contract, which identifies the Operatives roles and responsibilities Operatives will provide the muscle and sweat equity necessary to protect and provide for Organizational needs and objectives. Operatives will commit a portion of their time toward performing a combat and/or econ responsibility to meet defined organizational objectives.

The pre-Aremis OWN Charter has been retired along with those that died in defense of humanity during the horrific Vanduul attack that destroyed our headquarters and assets on Aremis in the Vega System. OWN Command and Control directs all OWN Operatives to execute Contingency A.D-1. We will be undergoing a reorg based on the revision of our mission statement. OWN Employees have choices to make that are outlined in Appendix VII of Contingency A.D-1. The generous severance packages defined in the contingency plan are still available to those not interested in getting your hands dirty.