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The Order of The Pheonix / OXP

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Welcome, Phoenix pilots! Masters of the cosmic arena, we command an unmatched fleet. Our sights are set on the Stanton system—precision, coordination, and stellar might will make it ours. Together, we forge destiny among the stars. Prepare for warp speed!


The Order of the Phoenix (OXP) has a storied history, woven with tales of courage, exploration, and triumph in the vast cosmic expanse. Founded centuries ago by visionary pioneers, the order emerged during a time of interstellar turmoil.

In the early days, disparate groups of spacefaring explorers sought to unite under a common banner. They envisioned a brotherhood that transcended planetary boundaries, where the mastery of space combat and exploration would forge an indomitable force.

Led by charismatic leaders, the scattered factions coalesced into the Order of the Phoenix. Named after the mythical bird symbolizing rebirth and renewal, the order embodied the spirit of resilience and a commitment to shaping the destiny of the cosmos.

Golden Age of Exploration:
The OXP ushered in a Golden Age of Exploration, charting unexplored galaxies and establishing strategic outposts. Their advanced fleet, comprised of cutting-edge spacecraft, became a beacon of order and progress in the chaotic cosmos.

Stanton Conquest:
A defining chapter in OXP’s history was the conquest of the Stanton system. Through brilliant strategic maneuvers and unwavering unity, the order claimed dominion over this pivotal region, securing vital resources and establishing a stronghold for further expansion.

Technological Advancements:
OXP’s commitment to innovation led to groundbreaking technological advancements. Their fleet became a testament to engineering excellence, with ships that pushed the boundaries of speed, firepower, and defensive capabilities.

Guardians of Peace:
As conflicts arose in the galactic frontier, the Order of the Phoenix evolved into the Guardians of Peace. They intervened in disputes, protected vulnerable worlds, and ensured the stability of the regions under their influence.

Centuries later, the Order of the Phoenix stands as an enduring symbol of unity and strength. Pilots from all corners of the galaxy aspire to join their ranks, contributing to the ongoing saga of exploration and conquest. The legacy of OXP is etched among the constellations, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who seek to master the cosmos.


Welcome, Order of the Phoenix pilots, to the celestial arena where stars bear witness to our prowess. As a part of our elite order, you’ll command an unparalleled fleet, ranging from agile interceptors to formidable capital ships.

Yet, our ambitions soar higher. The Order of the Phoenix has set its sights on the Stanton system, and together, we will seize control through precision strikes and coordinated assaults. This strategic conquest will mark our ascendancy in the galactic hierarchy.

As a crucial member, your skills will drive our success. The galaxy will witness the rise of the Order of the Phoenix as we etch our name among the constellations. Welcome to a new era of space warfare, where victory in the Stanton system is our destiny. Prepare for warp speed, pilots, and may your engines roar as we conquer the cosmos together.


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