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Syrakousia Syndicate / OYK

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Smuggling
  • Trading

“Sometimes you’re the windshield; sometimes you’re the space bug.”


Συρακουσία, Syrakousía, literally “of Syracuse”) was a 110 m (360 ft) ancient Greek ship sometimes claimed to be the largest transport ship of antiquity. She only sailed once, from Syracuse in Sicily to Alexandria in the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Additional information such as the description and amenities is limited to say the least.

When it comes to the syndicate that took her name, the story is the same. Believed to be conceived in Hellas, date unknown and for reasons unknown. The syndicate seem to have considerable influence in all markets legal and illegal even though the latter has never been proven. Affiliations with other organisations and highly established individuals seem to keep the syndicate one step ahead of the law.

Abundant resources and a ship for any occasion, enables the syndicate to continuously force their agenda in any situation making them either a very valuable ally or a significant enemy, to anyone who approaches them.


1) If you find a weaker / equal / stronger adversary attack.
2) Never leave an OYK member behind. Always fight to the death.
3) All goods belong to the syndicate. Every ship, every resource, every life. Take it all.
4) Import and export all goods if the price is right.
5) If affiliated with another Organisation. Peace and prosperity. Uphold the treaty.
6) If at war with another Organisation . Death and destruction to them all.
7) Obey our laws, disregard all others.


1) Be active as a member and participate in Syrakousia events.
2) The Syndicate comes first. we take care of our own.
3) You can not have affiliations that conflict with the Syndicates’
4) Reputation is important. Follow Syndicates’ intentions at all times.
5) Resources are important.Trade only if not in conflict with Syndicates’ alliances.
6) Obey any higher ranking member.
7) If you leave the Syndicate, you can never return.