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First and foremost – We’re an in-game religion, we don’t care what people are in real life. We have a handful of roleplayers but most won’t do it, however our members will respect those who do and will play along if others are roleplaying nearby, we’re not here to ruin other people’s games.

Now for the RP lore, if you have any questions please contact Raumarik.

Details surrounding the formation of PAGAN have been lost over the centuries, attributable mostly to the secretive nature of the organisation during its formative years and the illegality of membership for a large portion of it’s existence. It is rumored though, that an oral history exists, passed between the core membership. However this cannot be proven, as to date, no member of the core has been publicly identified, and their existence remains purely speculative.

What little history scholars reluctantly agree on, is that at some point before the year 2000, as society became increasingly reliant on technology a group of individuals devoted themselves to accelerating this reliance in the hope that by demonstrating the benefits, that the negative events that had blighted the world for centuries such as war and famine could be reduced. Society however, was not yet enlightened enough at this point, the venture failed and the group fractured into several competing factions.

It is commonly speculated that a brief blood-letting between internal factions the organisations with resulted in SANCTA being formed, with a second, more prolonged (A.K.A. The Betrayal) blood-letting transforming the top heavy organisation into the more democratically governed PAGAN which we now know.

Membership of PAGAN was declared illegal in 2437 and not revoked until 2601 by the UEE.

The chronology of PAGAN

Pre 2000 A source group forms and after a few tumultuous years splits into several competing factions, one of which – SANCTA, would ultimately be the only survivor. It is not known if SANCTA is an acronym for something else.

2125 Four SANCTA scientists based on Mars perish in the Great Mars Tragedy.

2436 Seventy one SANCTA members are discovered within the military and executed for treason by The United Nations of Earth (UNE). This loss of membership triggered a paradigm shift within the organisation and is often referred to by PAGAN Guides as The Betrayal. The origin of the name is unknown, but is assumed by many to indicate a change in the leadership of the organisation.

2437 SANCTA is declared a terrorist organisation and outlawed by the international community much to the delight of established mainstream religions.

2439 SANCTA re-brands itself and PAGAN is born, the newly branded organisation announces that it is a religion based upon the use of technology for the common good and publicly apologises for the actions of it’s members within the military. Mainstream religions lambaste the organisation for it’s apparent lack of moral compass and refuse to acknowledge it as a religion. PAGAN responds by stating that it is a new religion free from the old repressive forms of worship. This would be the last public statement from the organisation for several years.
Media reports from the era state that the change in name has not affected it’s official terrorist status and membership of PAGAN, as with SANCTA is illegal regardless of UNE religious freedom laws.

2440 Dr. Michael F. Soro, a prominent aero-robotics specialist is exposed as a PAGAN Agent and sentenced to life in prison, commuted from the death sentence for confessing to charges of espionage. He dies shortly after sentencing, apparently hanging himself in his cell. Following Soro’s death PAGAN halts all public meetings, recruitment and closes all public buildings. The organisation essentially publicly shuts down.

2538 PAGAN resurfaces in the media with rumours of trading information with the Xi’An Empire. The organisation has never publicly responded to the accusation.

Report from Interstellar Daily Newsfeed

Reports have reached us today, that forces belonging to the United Planets of Earth (UPE) have been involved in a nervous stand-off on the edge of Xi’an space. Details are sketchy at this time, though it is believed that an information runner, bearing markings belonging to the suspected terrorist organisation PAGAN, was being pursued close to the border, in connection with a number of recent leaks of important classified data.
The UPE are unwilling to divulge any further information for operational reasons, however they wanted to emphasise that they continue to consider PAGAN to be a highly dangerous terrorist organisation.
Our reporters, through unofficial back channels, were able to make contact with an individual reporting to speak on behalf of PAGAN, who wished to release the following statement;
“Today an unarmed trade vessel owned by one of our affiliated companies was fired upon illegally by UPE ships without provocation or warning. Our vessel was on a diplomatic mission as part of ongoing trade negotiations that would be of benefit to all mankind.”
When pressed further about the nature of the trade negotiations, the individual who wished only to be known as The Harbringer, terminated the connection.

2543 Eleven women and six men imprisoned following closed door trials, allegedly all fifteen are members of PAGAN. Officially the charges are espionage and terrorism, however it is never confirmed whom the alleged PAGAN members were spying for or what terrorist activities they have participated in.

2544 The media reports that three of the members imprisoned have died during an escape attempt from the Jupiter Orbital Supermax (JOS) where they were being held. United Planets of Earth (UPE) officials later divulge that Martin Long, Li Yuen Ren and Cai Xitao died along with 17 other inmates when the life support in their cells failed. No official investigation is held into the incident.

2549 The remaining twelve prisoners alleged to be members of PAGAN are released from prison, no reason for the pardons is given. The media reports that a deal has been brokered between the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and PAGAN leadership, this is never publicly acknowledged by either side.

2601 Membership of PAGAN is decriminalised and the organisation removed from the list of terrorist organisations. Media speculation around a possible United Empire of Earth (UEE) / PAGAN deal is frenzied but both sides deny any involvement or deal with the military simply stating that is sees the organisation as non-threatening to life or property of UEE citizens.

2602 PAGAN donates vast sums to targeted non-governmental organisations, excluding any with ties to the mainstream religions. The first public announcement from the PAGAN leadership in decades states that it wishes the money to go to enhancing the lives of ordinary citizens and driving forward advancement in food and medicinal technology.

2609 PAGAN becomes the first human-origin religious order to be publicly acknowledged, if not approved of, by the Banu.

2611 United Empire of Earth (UEE) adds PAGAN to it’s the register of faith based organisations (RoTBO) with no registered complaint from the established mainstream religions, however the UEE continues it’s tradition of not formally recognising the new religion. It has been 172 years after PAGAN declared itself to be a religious organisation and around 636 years since the organisation was founded.

Despite increased media attention, the PAGAN leadership refuse to step into the limelight and continue to supply statements through partner organisations and it’s own PAGAN Ambassadors. The leadership also refuse to divulge any information regarding the membership or activities undertaken during the years the organisation was outlawed stating that those days are past and we must look forward.

General media of the era declare that PAGAN has blackmailed and bribed it’s way to legitimacy but the leadership flatly refuses to respond to the accusations.

2639 PAGAN is publicly linked to terraforming research, the organisation denies any wrongdoing, stating that it is only looking for ways to turn dead worlds, into thriving ones.

Dr. Morvin Suun, one of the UEE’s top scientists alleges that PAGAN have attempted to terraform a world which was already inhabitable. In response PAGAN release footage of the terraforming attempt along with all research documentation declaring that the organisation would rather give the research away, than be accused of illegality. Dr Suun later joins the PAGAN Terraforming Research Project.

2640 PAGAN submits a request to UUE to terraform one of the near abandoned Tevarin planets. The scientific community brand this as short sighted and immoral, pointing out that sentient beings already inhabit the planet. PAGAN responds by stating that the planet could be enhanced and stabilised geologically by use of advanced terraforming techniques.

UPE rejects the idea, stating that the Tevarin are an unpredictable race who are likely to be offended by the plan which would destroy several sites of special interest to the Tevarin.

2645 PAGAN Ambassador Isabella King makes a public announcement that Dr. Morvin Suun has died in an accident on Europa, after an apparently airlock failure on his shuttle. Three other personnel are reported to have died, but their names are not publicly disclosed.

2648 Ambassador King is called as a witness in a fraud trial, whilst under oath she divulges that non-humans are welcome within PAGAN and than she is a senior member of the organisation with real decision making power.

2684 Over twenty PAGAN members are rumoured by the media to have been captured by The Vanduul during a trade mission by the organisation, allegedly for peaceful research purposes. The Vanduul release all but one of them within a month, keeping Ambassador King as a guest.

2687 After nearly three years as guest of the Vanduul, Isabella King returns unharmed to her home on Mars, she apparently retires from her duties within PAGAN by the end of the year.

Extract from an article by Henry Berlitz – “PAGAN: Friend of foe?”

Renowned investigative journalist Henry Berlitz once likened the structure of the organisation to an onion, with many layers each having fewer members as you reach the centre. It is unknown how many layers of leadership there are and whether the core is made up of a group or a single individual.

By Berlitz’s own admission this information is collected from unreliable and in many cases disreputable sources. Some the conclusions are based upon covert surveillance when members probably knew they were being watched or from around 2123 – 2125 which means the information itself is several hundred years old and dated back to a time before the official formation of PAGAN, when it was still widely known as SANCTA.

What is startlingly clear from Berlitz’s research is that PAGAN does not take issue with it’s members also being affiliated with other organisations, even at the highest level, considering itself to be a guiding force in the actions of it’s congregations rather than their employer. The exception appears to be at the higher levels within PAGAN, for example Ambassador King seems to have been paid, or at least her every living expense covered by PAGAN and left her extremely well paid post in the diplomatic core shortly before entering the limelight as a PAGAN Ambassador in the year 2645.

Berlitz spent several decades gathering this information:

'''Known Designations'''

‘’‘Affiliate’- Berlitz held several conversations with members of this rank, however they gave up very little information other than to confirm their involvement in PAGAN. Further covert surveillance suggested that these members acted as bridges between PAGAN and some other well known, sometimes disreputable organisations.

‘’‘Agent’‘’ – This appears to be the outer circle, or “Mantle” as it may now be known within PAGAN. This title may not indicate a role based on espionage and may simply indicate a level of seniority rather than role or duties. Agent Michael Soro confessed to being a spy after interrogation, but Martin Long was an engineer, who was later posthumously cleared of any charges against him. Examples: Michael Soro, Martin Long.

‘’‘Warder’‘’- This seems to be a fairly senior rank within PAGAN and Berlitz was convinced it was within what he called the “Conclave”.The term was used to address Cai Xitao during incarceration on the Jupiter Orbital Supermax and during pre-trial meetings which the UPE covertly recorded. It was noted that although Xitao spoke to the other members as if equal, no other conversations took place when Xitao spoke, was this out of fear or respect ?
Examples: Cai Xitao.

‘’‘ ? ‘’‘ – Berlitz was convinced there was a missing rank between Warder and Emissary, however he was never able to compile enough information to work out what it was called nor it’s function within the organisation. He theorised that the position was possibly carried over from SANCTA.

‘’‘Associate / Ambassador / Emissary’‘’ – Largely seen as the diplomats and the public face of the organisation, these members of PAGAN are also understood to be amongst it’s most senior, which may explain why PAGAN has apparently been so successful in negotiations with governments both alien and human. Berlitz suggests that these are leaders in their own right, able to make decisions on the spot with the backing of the Conclave, or may well be part of that Conclave. Examples: Isabella King.

‘’‘The Core’‘’
Presently nothing is known about the person(s) at the centre of PAGAN. The leadership only speak via Associates, Ambassadors or via third parties.

(Last update: 14/01/2015)


Please note roleplay is entirely optional within our organisation

We are an in-game religious organisation devoted to the development, increased reliance and optimisation of technology to enhance life and safeguard our own and friendly assets. Founded in the late twenty first century PAGAN has evolved over the centuries from an ambitious and naive environmental movement, into a fully developed and recognised religious organisation within the UEE.

The chronology of the organisation can be found on the history section.

PAGAN will not ally itself with any other organisation although we are open to negotiation with regards to non-aggression pacts or trade agreements. Please contact an Emissary to discuss.


Please note that we have a hard cap on the membership limit which can only be raised by a vote from existing members- it’s set at 150, it may rise but it’s unlikely. We try to maintain a ration of 10:1 for members to officers (Conclave members).

The congregation is encouraged to undertake any such activity which may in it’s course, encourage the use of, or reliance on technology. As the history of many species has proven, only technology can free us from constraints placed upon us by our bodies and allow us to pursue our dreams.

We expect that all members will be respectful of fellow members roleplay even if they themselves are not actively participating, this applies to all communications networks, both internal and external.

PAGAN considers itself neutral to all factions, with the exception of those who seek to undermine it’s fundamental goal by disrupting the distribution and development of technology, the sale of advanced goods and the murder of it’s congregation.

The Inner Circle prefers legal activity to be undertaken by the congregation, however, it will not condemn illegal actions as immoral if those actions further the advancement of the organisations goals or help to safe guard the organisations assets.

The congregation are asked to aid one another whenever possible. The following behavior will not be tolerated between PAGAN members unless approved in advance by the Conclave.

  • Treacherous behaviour
  • Pilfering
  • Blood feuds

Going AWOL or taking a prolonged break from the game

We’ll never kick someone from the organisation for going AWOL or taking a break even if they tell us it’ll be six months or more. However if someone is in a promoted post and we don’t know when they’ll be back we may have to demote them and fill their post. This applies to everyone, including founders. Ultimately the smooth operation of the organisation is more important than any single member.

For more information on our hierarchy and roles please CLICK HERE!