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Planetary Acquisitions, Inc

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From Humble Beginnings …

Planetary Acquisitions, Inc., officially came into existence in 2893, but like a fine liquor it is the culmination of careful aging. The seeds of PAI were sown during the waning decades of the Messer Era. As dissent grew among the populace, so too did the crackdowns of the Messer regime. Citizens and civilians alike fled toward the less tightly controlled, often lawless, fringe systems and worlds.

Along with a surge in refugees came a surge in needs. Food, goods, equipment, medicine, transportation, security … all the trappings of civilization. Both the natives and the displaced rose up to meet these increased demands; some succeeded, but many failed. Individual entrepreneurs found difficulty in staying independent, or even staying alive, due to mounting pressure from larger, established organizations. The more tenacious individuals began banding together for strength, protection, and growth opportunities. Such was the case with those who are considered the ancestral founders of PAI.

The W-A-N Group

Imara Wutani, a freelance pilot, provided diversified asset procurement and transport. Imara’s family had fled Terra in 2752 and settled in the Magnus system. Coul Angstrom, another freelance pilot, who built his fortune around providing difficult-to-acquire goods and services for his customers. Born and raised in the Cathcart system, Coul found himself a target of large, local pirate organizations. Nimraeni, a Banu trader with a talent for finding and making lucrative deals in human space and among the Banu markets.

These three already had a loose partnership, developed over years of conducting mutually beneficial business dealings. Imara first broached the subject of the three forming an official partnership and basing their business in Magnus, where the threat from rivals was less. Magnus would still give them easy access to their current operating zones and Banu markets. Not wanting to lose their personal name recognition with clients and brokers, they simply chose to become the Wutani-Angstrom-Nimraeni Group.

Together they could take advantage of larger target markets and quickly leveraged that ability. With several rapid successes, and the associated influx of credits, the W-A-N Group began to contract other freelance pilots for both direct and sub-contracted work. Some of these pilots would eventually join the W-A-N Group permanently, receiving much needed protection from business rivals. Others were able to remain as freelance pilots, operating for the highest bidder or themselves, but under a retainer from the W-A-N Group and acting as their local representative in a system.

Bridging the Gap Between Human and Banu

In 2837, the W-A-N Group, seeking to penetrate new markets due to increasing security concerns in their existing operating zones, consummated a partnership with Pervasive Associates operating out of the Fora system. The W-A-N Group had a relatively young, but solid, relationship with the Banu owners of the highly profitable freight company. The deal gave birth to new markets for both companies and, over the next half-century, they would grow into a single entity under the auspices of the original Group.

Gabareal was considered unusual even for a Banu. His deformed crest structure, which arched forward, and penchant for human tattoos added to his reputation for aggressive business negotiations. Tychuu, his partner, possessed an unusual mastery of human languages, speaking a wider variety than most humans. Over the years, their access to Banu markets and technology would provide an influence on the W-A-N Group that would end up being as great as that of the original trio.

By 2890, the W-A-N Group, still headquartered in Magnus, had retained business representatives in most systems throughout human space and had made significant inroads in Banu space. As had been the practice with the original freelance representatives, few of these individuals were exclusive to the W-A-N Group and most worked under contract. Supporting local entrepreneurs also remained a key part of the W-A-N Group’s business plans. These practices allowed the W-A-N Group to maintain a lean corporate structure, provide agile services in developing markets, and retain the grassroots foundation on which it was built.

… to New Challenges …

As with any business, the ability to finance operations was crucial. In the late 2880’s the W-A-N Group was under increasing pressure from aggressive rivals who were choking off traditional funding sources. Only the W-A-N Group’s diversified business model allowed them to weather this onslaught without collapsing, much to the chagrin of those orchestrating it. A more stable funding system had to be established.

A chance encounter in the Ellis system, at the 2891 Murray Cup Championships, between Group executives and Harper Usiusefe, owner of a mid-size investment firm, presented the solution the W-A-N Group needed. Harper Investments operated out of New Austin, Terra, and was facing its own financial troubles. Usiusefe had a passion for racing and had invested 15% of the firm’s holdings into an MCRL team. That team had proven to be anything but championship material and the firm had lost all of its initial investment and was contractually obligated to continue supplying funding.

In a whirlwind negotiating session, Director of Safety Marcus Moebad and Director of Compliance Angela Smalls brokered an acquisition agreement for a minority position in Harper Investments. Usiusefe’s firm would maintain autonomy and would act as a the principal financier of the W-A-N Group. This provided the Group with a “most favored nation” status, giving improved access to operating and expansion capital. The W-A-N Group’s interstellar, diversified operations would ensure a steady flow of payments to help bolster Harper’s finances. The deal also included a clause granting the W-A-N Group a right of first refusal to acquire Usiusefe’s remaining stake should Harper ever vacate ownership of the company.

Tragic Losses

Although the acquisition was an unqualified win for both the W-A-N Group and Harper Investments, several legacy Harper Investments staff members aired their displeasure very publicly and instigated an Advocacy investigation into their allegations. The investigation, of course, uncovered no wrong-doing, but the investigative process and the apparent betrayal by some of his closest business associates wounded Usiusefe.

Those closest to Usiusefe felt that his annual trip to the Murray Cup Championships would give him the chance to put the stresses of the past year behind him. However, Usiusefe had been affected by his ordeal far more deeply than anyone realized and, on the eve of the Championship, Usiusefe was killed in a tragic accident. Intoxicated and angry, having nearly come to blows with a fellow race fan over a trivial dispute, he crashed his personal ship into an asteroid.

With sadness still in their hearts at the loss of a business associate who had become a good friend, the W-A-N Group took over full ownership of Harper Investments and used the opportunity to reprioritize staffing across key functional areas. With new leadership and a rejuvenated staff in place, Harper Investment’s transition to becoming an integrated part of the W-A-N Group was completed.

… and a Powerful Future!

At this point, the board of directors felt the corporation had grown beyond its origins and was hampered by maintaining headquarters in the largely lawless Magnus system. Futhermore, the W-A-N Group had a long history with several business rivals that went back decades. Those rivalries would eventually lead to further false accusations and Advocacy inquiries and were already causing increased security incidents involving the W-A-N Group’s holdings, both of which would eventually hurt the W-A-N Group’s ability to operate freely within UEE spaces. In a unanimous vote, the board decided to relocate its headquarters to the facilities on Terra. Along with the move, a new name would be taken, creating a new beginning without the legacy of hostile rivals. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Planetary Acquisitions, Inc., was born.

Though the name has changed, the vision of the company remains as it has always been: TO PROVIDE FOR EVERY POSSIBLE NEED OF THE CUSTOMER. PAI has grown into a large corporation from its humble origins, while maintaining its entrepreneurial spirit. PAI’s network of local representatives, freelance pilots, and overall flexible nature and business practices allow for fulfillment of customer needs in an efficient, cost-effective, and friendly manner. PAI continues to pride itself on a high standard of aggressive customer support in order to abolish any dissatisfaction.

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Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.