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  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
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Strength is the way, for without the strong the weak will suffer.
Honor is the way, for without a code there is only chaos.
Loyalty is the way, for without the clan your life has no meaning.
Faith is the way, for without a belief one has no purpose.



In the aftermath of the 2nd Tevarin War many of their warriors, disillusioned by defeat & loss, were scattered across the Verse. Tevarin culture was abandoned and it’s peoples’ mistreated wherever they tried to settle. It is said one such warrior had his life saved by a former advisory – a human veteran of the war.

A life debt was initiated by the Tevarin offering to share secret teachings of his Rijoran faith & martial arts training as payment for the debt. Over many years this human slowly perfected & adapted what he learned to form a new warrior faith that focused on a simple code. His name was Jareen su’Kah, the first Paladonian, and that code would forever more be known across the Verse as – The Way.


As a Faith based in the Verse we don’t care if you belong to any other ORG’s or just run SOLO. We are a group of mature gamers who are looking to have some fun in Star Citizen & aren’t interested in dictating to you how you should enjoy or play this game!

All we ask is that when you are with us, you proudly wear your Paladonian helmet and if you see another Paladonian asking for help, if you are able, you do so. Likewise, if we see you in trouble, we will do all we can to support you!


All are welcome, even if you only wish to be allies. Below is a link to our DISCORD: