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Making the future safer and more prosperous for us all.


The Paladin Corporation was founded in 2850 by Ghestal, a former military officer who saw the potential of the private sector in the expanding galaxy. He started with a small fleet of ships that offered security, mining, and salvage services to various clients. He soon earned a reputation for being reliable, efficient, and ruthless in his operations.

Ghestal’s success attracted the attention of Mr. Gecko, a wealthy businessman who had interests in various industries. Mr. Gecko offered to invest in Ghestal’s company and become his partner. Ghestal agreed, and together they expanded the Paladin Corporation into a multi-billion UEC enterprise. Mr. Gecko became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company, overseeing its financial and legal affairs.

As the Paladin Corporation grew, so did its need for more personnel and resources. Ghestal hired xELITEx, a former mercenary leader who had worked with him on several missions. xELITEx became the Vice Chief Operating Officer (VCOO) of the company, managing its human and material assets.

Paladin Corporation soon became one of the biggest corporations in the galaxy, with divisions in mining, salvage, freight, bounty acquisition, and more. Its most notable division was its private security, which was divided into two branches: the Paladin Security Fleet (PSF) and the Paladin Security Marines (PSM). The PSF consisted of a large fleet of ships that provided escort, patrol, and combat services to clients. The PSM consisted of a highly trained force of soldiers that specialized in ground operations, such as infiltration, extraction, and sabotage. The private security division is led by BlackBeltz, a former special forces operative who had joined the company as a security consultant. BlackBeltz became the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the company, directing its military operations.

Paladin Corporation also had a secret division that dealt with more sensitive and covert aspects of its business. This division was known as the Shadow Division, and it is not officially acknowledged by the company. The Shadow Division was responsible for espionage, assassination, blackmail, and other illegal activities that served the interests of the company. The Shadow Division was led by an unknown figure who reported directly to Ghestal.

The Paladin Corporation worked closely with two other entities: Citadel Defense Services (CDS) and Odyssey Outpost (OO). CDS was a company that specialized in research and development of advanced weapons and technology. CDS supplied the Paladin Corporation with cutting-edge equipment and gadgets for its operations. OO was a mercenary group that operated from a hidden base in an asteroid belt. OO offered its services to anyone who could pay their price, but they had a special relationship with the Paladin Corporation. OO often collaborated with the Paladin Corporation on joint missions or acted as subcontractors for them.

The Paladin Corporation was a powerful and influential force in the galaxy, but it also had many enemies and rivals. It faced competition from other corporations, opposition from governments and factions, and threats from pirates and criminals. The Paladin Corporation had to constantly adapt and innovate to survive and thrive in the galactic scene.


We are Paladin Corporation, a space mega corporation that operates in the Star Citizen universe. We are a diverse and dynamic organization that offers a wide range of career opportunities to our members. Whether you are interested in mining, trading, salvaging, bounty acquisition, medical services, private security, or any other profession, you will find a place in our corporation.

We are not just a corporation, we are a family. We value loyalty, respect, cooperation, and fun. We support each other in times of need and celebrate each other’s achievements. We do not tolerate griefing, cheating, or harassment of any kind. We follow the rules and regulations of the game and respect the rights and property of other players.

We are not just a family, we are a force. We strive to expand our influence and reputation in the game world by engaging in various activities and missions. We explore the unknown regions of space, trade with different factions and planets, salvage valuable resources and equipment, hunt down criminals and enemies, provide medical aid and rescue services, and protect our assets and allies. We are always ready for a challenge and a thrill.

We are Paladin Corporation, and we invite you to join us. Together, we can create a fun and immersive gaming experience for ourselves and others. Together, we can make our mark in the Star Citizen universe. Together, we are PALCOR.

Paladin security is the backbone at keeping all Paladin assets secure. Paladin security is broken into 2 sub divisions. Paladin Security Fleet or PSF and Paladin Security Marines or PSM.

The Paladin Security Marines are known for their loyalty, professionalism, and courage in the face of danger. They often take on high-risk missions that require superior firepower and tactics. Some of their notable operations include defending a mining outpost from a pirate attack, escorting a VIP through a war zone, and infiltrating a hostile base to rescue hostages. The Paladin Security Marines are one of the most respected and feared forces in the Star Citizen universe. Become the best at being Paladin Security and join the ELITE division. Earn that ELITE patch.

The Paladin Security Fleet is one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the Star Citizen universe. It allows the Paladin Security Corporation to offer a wide range of security services to various clients across the galaxy. Want to earn our Ace Medal? Come show us what you got!


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.