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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

No fear, no hesitation, no surprise, no doubt!



In the year 2902, the PRAWL people abandoned their planet Uriel, in the Oberon System, due to the bombings from the UEE.

In the past, they were known for their discoveries in genetic mutation, which were stolen by the Vanduul. After the bombings, they roamed the vastness of the Universe, taking what they could from abandoned ships and planets. They swore vengeance towards the UEE, and have been growing in numbers, creating a military force of pirates and assassins, scourging everyone that crosses their way.

The day will come, when the UEE will pay for their crimes, the PRAWL ships shall be covered with the blood of their enemies.



1 Defeat all known bounty hunters.
2 Escort
3 Destroy spaceships.
4 Loot / Steal
5 Slave Trade / Sale.
6 Assassination / Mercenary.
7 Locate trade routes.
8 Control of trade routes.
9 Smuggling Goods.
10 Salvage / Mining.

How to Join?

- Leave an inscription.


- Welcome aboard!


Our Code

- Negotiation of products, means that the seller can do whatever he wants, including reselling at a profit.
- An act of war can only be declared by the boss.
- Anyone who refuses to serve aboard a pirate ship must die.
- All crew members must have an equal share in any loot found.
- Any man who stays behind is left behind.
- The problem of one, is a problem for all. (DRAMA FREE)

Organization Roles

-Boss Vollrarth Void
-Underboss WhiteNoise
-Quartermaster WarDog / Justmeplaying / Bebop
-Taskmaster Fumihitto


01- Red Jacket
02- Red Shoulder
03- Rogue Neck
04- Striker
05- Smuggler
06- Scum