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The Planet Builders Guild / PBG

  • Faith
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

Like the endless stars in the night, may infinite wisdom guide our hands as we craft Perfection. May our work shine like a beacon to the rest of mankind and be uncorrupted by their darkness.


The Planet Builders Guild, originally named the Union of Terraformers, was founded in 2403 after a series of solidarity strikes led to the amalgamation of twelve smaller terraforming unions. As the years progressed, and secrecy within the UoT increased, the Advocacy made repeated efforts to infiltrate the upper levels of the organization with various levels of success. By 2750 UoT members began to take on a noticeable mystical tone and they officially changed their name to the Planet Builders Guild shortly after.

Under the new PBG banner, the group dropped all pretense of being a workers union and delved directly into becoming a major faith based organization. Frequently referred to as a cult, the group’s primary tenant is to “create the perfect world”. Exactly how they plan to do so is left unclear, however their actions have become more radically diversified in the last few decades. Members have been observed partaking in interstellar trade, piracy, bounty hunting and military actions nearly equally. This has led to a difficulty for Advocacy members in profiling members of this group.

The Advocacy has placed an extremely high priority on gathering Intel on the PBG and any risk they may pose to the SynthWorld Project.


Uphold the sanctity of the Guild, let none who see darkness enter.

Bring vision to those who will see, let those with closed eyes be forever blinded by the void.

Have voice only for your Brothers and Sisters, let those who will not hear wallow in their filth.

We are the light,

We are the makers,

We shall herald in a new age,

For we are the creators of Worlds,

And none shall stand in our path.


S1: The first order of the Guild is to create, find entropy and turn it into order.

S2: Defend your Brothers and Sisters in the Guild.

S3: Do not betray the trust of your Brothers and Sisters to the Unclean.