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Roberts Space Industries ®

Peoples Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Action Committeh / PBKAC

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Social
  • Security

The theory of katmunism can be summed up in a single sentence: Abolition of private cheezburgerz


How It All Began

LF M4M piracy and hanging out, no butt stuff. This is a real game and is very serious and important.


Teh Peoples Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Action Committeh iz supreme camunist clan dedicatd 2 glory ov victoreh ov katmunist forcez againest decadent western dawgs. in glorious struggle katmunist ideology will previal an force abolishun ov all private cheezburgerz. all bourgeoiz puny mangina clanz hoo mew against teh commiteh will be smitd wif teh graet shoe ov katmunist justice an sent bak 2 petco wer they belong.

courageous katmunist brothers jdam haz alreadeh risen up aginst evil imperialist puppetmastar no damn pubez an begun glirious soviet revolushun. naow, katmunist forcez will also engage 2 begin victoreh agsainst imperialists.
thar has been long history ov oppreshun by so calld “elite” wallet warrior stat paddin clanz hoo use hax an cheat heroic kittehs out their hard earnd gold. thees enemiez ov felinia poison r young kittehs wif katnip an othr vicez 2 sedate r burnin pashun an moisten r loins.

it tiem 2 say mew!
enough iz enough

r yowels will not be silencd any longr!

finareh we join r brothers in arms in da courageous struggle against teh hegemonic oppreshun ov teh puppet mastah, no damn pubez, an their nefarious minions, soupr sacret ganglion salad an red skat. all masters an puppetmasters will be abolishd wif their privaet cheezbirgerz an assimilatd into teh katmunist collectiv. kittehs evrehwhar no longr haz fear ov dominashun ov imperialist pig-dawgs an pube puppetmastars. teh revolushun iz maow!


<17:08:41> “Gren”: our main objectives are social security & hardcore roleplay
<17:09:50> “Gren”: and of course totally platonic manly group bathing
<17:10:16> “Gren”: its normal and not at all weird
<17:10:50> “Gren”: we just like to be clean