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Welcome to CREW, The Org without limits. No matter what you want to be in the verse, your CREW will always have your back.

Want to try us out? You’ll find more information in our Discord


CREW was born of an idea. An Org that doesn’t limit itself to lawful or pirate, industry or combat, one that supports its members whatever their path in the game might be. And from this idea, CREW was made.

The organization was made in late 2017 as a group of friends who wanted to make a name for themselves in the Star Citizen universe. We considered and even joined some of the bigger orgs, we imagined that their size would bring us benefits. Alas, it seemed we were cogs in endless layers of middle management.

The discord members list had more colors than the rainbow. The only time fun was had was when events were made, friends were made in those events, but most of them were never seen again. Even in the same org, it was a sea of people who were only connected by a name.

We seek to be different. We don’t want to be large, we want to be small, self-sufficient, and connected. Everyone in CREW will know everyone else. And, no endless tiers of management. Its this simple: CEO -> Commanders -> Captains -> Ship crew members. And, moving between these ranks is simple. Own a ship that requires a crew? Register it as a CREW vessel, and yourself as its captain, and congratulations. After a short interview you have become a captain. Now its time to gather a crew.

And, say you are a captain of a Connie but want to crew the Polaris? Welcome aboard. And, none of these ranks affect privileges, all members vote on CREW issues the same way. The only differences are that captains control crew members aboard the ship they own, and commanders direct the ships in their tasks. Each ship is an individual entity, part of the collective group working together.

If you want to try a different experience in an ORG, try CREW.

(To learn more about CREW and how it works, please reference the Manifesto and Charter tabs.)


Greetings Fellow Citizen!

Welcome to the CREW Org page. We specialize in, well, everything. We aim to get a taste of everything Star Citizen has to offer, from being a tycoon of industry to exploration, science, and of course combat. In this org you can experience being deployed in a Prowler drop ship, crewing a Polaris capital ship in large-scale combat, escorting valuable cargo in a Merchantman, mining in an Orion, constructing an outpost with a Pioneer, and much more. In CREW you will be part of a team who has each other’s backs. We plan to grow no larger than ~50-75 close knit members to keep that sense of camaraderie within our org, and to prevent our members from feeling like insignificant cogs within endless tiers of middle management, which is a problem in many larger Orgs.

We have regular events as well as team combat training to improve our organization’s combat abilities and coordination. We also invite any active members to participate in our planning discussions where we discuss the future plans of CREW.

Don’t have many ships or only a starter? No problem. As a CREW member you will always be able to call for backup. And, we have ships for you to try out in the verse if you wish. Anyone who wants to be a part of the family is welcome.

If you decide to try us out, be sure to join our Discord as that is where announcements and events are shown.

Your’s Truly, PirateShip


CREW’s Structure -

This organization is split into three different wings/branches that any member may be assigned to, under the command of the branch’s specific Commander. The three wings are as follows: The Military Wing, The Logistics Wing and The Resources Wing. Each wing will have a single Commander who answers to the CEO and orchestrates the affairs of their designated branch. Under each Commander are the captains of the ships within that branch, who then command their crew members.

The Military Wing – This branch is responsible for all offensive and defensive capabilities of CREW. The Military Wing is tasked with deploying escorts to protect Resource ships on their journeys and will respond to any instance of violence against our organisation or it’s allies. Out of wartime, the Military Wing will patrol borders, act as escorts, and will also be free to take up mercenary work as a source of income for CREW as long as such work does not aid rival organizations. During wartime this branch will be tasked with the elimination of enemy assets such as intercepting transport runs, destroying outposts, raiding shipyards, disabling production, etc. A key part of any formidable organization is always it’s fleet.

The Logistics Wing – This branch is responsible for the organization and optimization of CREW’s transport systems and it’s internal operations such as requesting escorts for mining expeditions and seeing to it that the appropriate equipment is assigned for such jobs. Other jobs include the transport of goods within CREW territory and ensuring the smooth movement of assets, organizing of CREW events in which large amounts of members will participate in various tasks and missions,and combat training for all members in preparation of war. Any group that wishes to be efficient requires members skilled in logistics and organization.

The Resources Wing – This branch is responsible for the acquisition and trading of CREW assets such as goods gained from mining, freighting, deliveries, etc. Handling such valuable items constantly, this wing will always be protected by combat capable ships as to avoid any trouble and to make as safe of a work environment as possible for it’s members. From mining asteroid fields to selling highly sought-after goods, members of this wing are well versed in making profit above all for CREW and are an integral part of a successful organization.