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*To Become A Legendary Myth Stories Must Be Told.

Many Have Witnessed Seeing Them Or Spoke There Name,

A Light In The Darkness They Come Forth Welcome To The Phoenix Dragons*


h6. History :      Year 1990  The  Guild  first formed in game called RF Online , The first founder went into the game finding many new players  that needed help ,  as new player himself.  

The first founder found it increasing hard to get veteran players that knew the game to help the new players.  This had to change  The question remind why does no one help  each other.  With goal in mind  and a vision the founder came across 7 other players with the same goal  and same view points.  The Moto Help each other no matter what level you are , no matter what rank you are  help each other to succeed in game .   
Year 1990 The Guild was formed 6 month later  known as the CORA DRAGONS.  From there the guild grew and the legend was born. 
Many games the guild has been involved with  and the  myth  has grown , to this day The DRAGONS Guild is known as myth not many know who they are but many know that we are out there  to find us is one thing to be part of myth is another. 
Many have tried to join the ranks of the guild many have succeeded many still journey to locate the members.  finding them is one thing joining them is another.   
STAR CITIZEN LORE :  Date  2543    Time 9 am space time   
The UPE got its first real challenge after an encounter near unknown star system near the Tevarin border.  
A patrol fleet of the UPE uncounted  large Tevarin fleet  of about 30 ships. The UPE patrol fleet with only 10  ships  being outgunned out run and with no place to go. 
Losing this  battle could spark  the near by system protected by the UPE  would make the  people to go into panic and the threat of invasion.  
The UPE  Fleet had to retreat and the only place to go was a unknown system not on any map or navigation  relay,  To protect the outer colony from invasion  from the Tevarin  with the Tevarin fleet now chasing them  the decision was made  jump and have the Tevarin chase them,  to protect the civilians of the out colony.   
Jump made the UPE fleet emerged into the unknown system,  the scanners activated and  contacts  showed up  400 contacts  of unknown ships and classification.   UPE fleet  not knowing what todo stopped all ships in the fleet , no place to go no place to run.  Time was up  the end or just the beginning.  
Transmitting on all  known space bands  “ This is the UPE Fleet  From Colony ‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’  WE are Being chased by Tevarin fleet we  Surrender “   
this transmission could of been the last thing sent , said a  captain of the UPE destroyer golden wing  we never had to surrender to anyone before. 
you can only imagine this picture of that day being chased no place Togo the fleet admiral  giving us this message to transmit  now we are here with 400 contacts on our scope  what are they , who are they ,   to surrender in this fashion would not go down well back home. 
and then we got this back to this day I remember this message and I pass this on to you today  to remember  how I felt on that day. 
“ To  Surrender  to Us  is humble  and worthy of safety ,  Surrender is Not  What  You need Now so Don’t ,  Help you require and you will receive  
Tell all your ships to head due north for sector 5  200  left  at low speed Welcome To PHOENIX SYSTEM “    
With that I relayed the message to our admiral and followed the instructions could of been a trap but what I witnessed next blew my mind,  
The Tevarin jumped in and all I could see was 400 contacts  destroy Tevarin Fleet  in 2 mins.   
After Repairs  to our ships we could not understand why the help why this system we knew nothing we did not even get to meet these strangers just that transmission leading us to space dock automated one of course. 
We left the system and jumped out after repairs when we jumped we checked our logs our charts or data everything  NOTHING ALL BLANK nothing to locate them again  all I have to remember is those markings on there ships and that message. I tried to find them to thank them but with no luck for 10 years I searched the system for the jump point for any clue,   any sign  but nothing.  
And then 1 year later near my home system  I  was farming and a ship landed  it was very long time but I remember those markings from that day. 
First contact  at last.  My name is jean crow  and I have met the phoenix dragons.   
  h6. Heading Six


To Be A Multi function guild ,


1 : Respect the original guild from 1990 and its members. with out them nothing would of happened .

2 : Respect the Motto [ Help Each Other Respect The Myth }

3 : Every member can do what ever role they wish not stick to one thing. ie explore , fighters , traders , logistics , arms , farming , mining , to name a few.

4 : Every member can have a vote on the guild policy and focus of the guild.

5 : Every member can have access to ships of the fleet from the guild fleet operations division

6 : Every member can be promoted in the fields of operations of the guild examples squadron leader , fleet leader , logistics core , exploration core, and many more,

7 : TBA