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Procrastinators Elite Force / PEF

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

Hello Procrastinators! This is the organization in place for fans of Nerdcubed who also have Star Citizen.


The Procrastinators Elite Force was started in 2924, after a man from London, Earth decided to set up a small exploratory company with the goal of completely mapping all the systems within 100 parsecs of Earth. This man, known as Daniel Hardcastle, eventually gave control to one of his highest ranked employees, who goes by the codename “Procrastinator Brian.” Procrastinator Brian began the militarization of said company, turned it into a PMC, and shifted the focus to freelancing and escorting cargo vessels, while still keeping the company’s original roots of exploration. The company, despite being focused on escorting cargo vessels, is notorious for its employees having less than legal lives outside of it. Numerous employees have been accused of being pirates and smugglers. Procrastinator Brian and Daniel Hardcastle are both notorious for frequenting the spider and pyro systems. Both men have been accused multiple times of illegal activity, and both have been acquitted after either the disappearances of witnesses or on the account of the PMC’s incredible legal department.


Do you like Star Citizen? Do you like Nerdcubed? Do you want to be in an organization where you matter, one where you are not just a peon that the people higher up don’t care about? Are you raving mad? If so, you would probably make a great member of Procrastinators Elite Force. This PMC, made for Nerdcubed fans, is based around escort and exploration. Is that all we do? Of course not! We allow you to do whatever jobs you feel like, from trade to escort to piracy to exploration to smuggling human organs.


1. All ducks, bodybuilders, Vanduuls, and people named Brad must die. No exceptions. (okay, maybe a few)
2. Any internal problems should be taken up with the generals/ destroyers of ducks.
3. While the organization allows its members to perform illegal activity, any ships you are paid to escort are not fair game. It makes us look bad and kills our business.
4. Keep in mind that as of now, this is not an official nerdcubed community.