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Roberts Space Industries

Percent S / PERCS

  • Faith
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Social
  • Exploration

We are everything and nothing.

(Some people don’t want to be everything though.)


We are history.

While The Mentor’s personal command center is the Constellestia, the organisation’s base of operations and activity focus is the Endearov, an Endeavor class with medical (research) and agricultural facilities.
It is expected to be currently serving those functions, although its location… isn’t exactly clear.

Surely it is making history somewhere.
Percent S is maintaining neutral diplomatic relations with the Church of Instant Respawn and is perceived as an enemy by the Order of Chromatic Restraint (OCR) as well as the Vanduul-associated Helium Liberation Umbrage (HeLiUm), part of a Balloonpopper alliance.


Pony up and horse around.

The Mentor is there for you to lighten your burden and guide you towards self-empowerment.

Always remember: An opportunity is just a problem in disguise.


You know the rules.
You must always either follow The Mentor’s advice or not.
And a very enlightened rule it is. Resistance is futile. Believe me. (Or don’t. The rule doesn’t care.)