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Pyro Freelancer Corps / PFCS

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Welcome to the Pyro Freelancer Corps. We value honor, respect, loyalty, and freedom of self. You get out of the PFC what you put in.

No better friend, no worse enemy.

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IG: @pyro_freelancer_corps

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The Pyro Freelancer Corps was founded in December of 2020 by Devoid and his father, RevAthiest. It was their aim to see a group come together for the sake of playing the game, having fun, and growing together without the drama that often comes with guilds and clans in games such as this. It has been the mantra of the PFC since to honor the time of their members and colleagues, as what little free time people have, they are choosing to give to us.

As time moved on, the underlying ideology remained steadfast, and the Corps has come to their own as a premier place in the community to gather and be happy. Through a vigilant “open door policy” and no requirements for fleets or time commitment, the group that has grown has been one of true passion and friendship, and has cemented its foundation built on mutual respect.


Pyro Freelancer Corps is an anti-UEE Federalist Organization. Our goal is self sufficiency and the eventual downfall of the notion of company-owned planets and star systems. We believe the system upon which systems like Stanton are governed is heinous. Democracy has been allowed to die, but the PFC will not let that take their honor.

As law enforcement agencies across the universe continue to uphold the corrupt and unjust laws protecting those who seek to tyrannically rule over the free peoples which inhabit it, Pyro Freelancer Corps steps up to combat them and do what is right while protecting and governing the people of Pyro to the best of our ability, assuring liberty to all who inhabit the system.

Where we specialize in arms dealing and ground based combat, as Freelancers, our skills range far and wide. Maintaining industrial autonomy is foremost in our operation. Though, for a little coin, theres no job too small a10e4afd-17ed-4157-81cd-80ef1373bf8d


Article I – Purpose

The Pyro Freelancer Corps (hereafter referred to as “the Corps”) is a group of individuals who have come together to provide aid and support for one another in performing both legal and less than legal ventures. The Corps’ primary purpose is to provide a fun and engaging gameplay experience for its members as well as breed self sufficiency as game features are released.

Article II – Structure

The Corps is structured as a paramilitary organization with a rank structure based loosely on old earth navies.

2.1 Rank Structure

Fleet Admiral – Fleet Admiral is the second admin-level rank, fourth officer rank and highest rank overall. This rank is reserved for the founders of the Corps. Fleet Admirals overlook the entire operation of the Corps and maintain all responsibilities of all underlying officers, as well as any additional duties that may present themselves.

Admiral -Admiral is the first admin-level rank, third officer rank, and fifth rank overall within the Corps. This is the highest rank a non-founding member may reach. This rank is reserved for those the Fleet Admirals trust to oversee the Organization in their absence. Admirals word is final, overruled by none but the Fleet Admirals. Maintain the highest responsibility within the Corps, including all Captain duties as well as:
-Taking steps necessary to prevent inter-organizational hostility, including removing non-officer members from the Org and the Discord channel.
-Active participation in structuring the Corps as membership increases.
-Will be tasked with leading one or more Divisions as more gameplay features (Salvage, Mining, Farming, Piracy, etc).
-Performs any other necessary actions within the Corps to maintain smooth operation.
-May be assigned specific tasks or duties by Fleet Admirals as seen fit.

Captain – Captain is the second officer rank, and fourth rank overall. Reserved for Commanders who show authority, respect and reason consistently within the Org, as well as active participation and medium-to-high level commitment and activity within the Corps and Star Citizen. Maintains Commander responsibility, as well as the following:
-Active recruitment duty in between personal play sessions and events.
-Active authority within the Corps, mitigating squabbles and other disagreements with grace.
May be tasked with leading a new “task force” and new gameplay mechanics are implemented during development (mining, salvage, piracy, farming, etc.).
-Active participation in planning events hosted by the Corps.
-May be tasked with other duties as admin-level officers see fit.

Commander – Commander is the first officer rank in the Corps, and the third rank overall. Reserved for Corpsmen who show outstanding dedication to the Corps, as well as demonstrate potential to be a voice of authority within. Maintains a reasonable amount of responsibility within the Corps, including, but not limited to:
-Wearing PFC uniform full time.
-Seizing opportunities to recruit players when they are presented.
-Maintaining fairly consistent activity within the PFC Discord server.
-Active participation in player-driven events hosted by the Corps of their affiliate Organizations.

Lieutenant – Lieutenant is the second rank of the PFC, and is for newer members who have had a significant play session with an officer, or for other members which may not choose to commit to an officer role. Lieutenants maintain no official responsibility in the org, aside from wearing the PFC uniform when playing in events where the Corps is participating.

Ensign – Ensign is the first and lowest rank after officially becoming a member of the PFC. Reserved solely for new members who have yet to have a meaningful play session with an officer, Ensigns are few in numbers. Though it is asked, Ensign members are not required to wear the PFC uniform, and maintain no official responsibility within the Corps.

2.2 Division

A division consists of one or more squadrons. Divisions are led by an Admiral, who also leads one of the member squadrons. Divisions report to the Corps leadership directly.

2.2.1 Squadrons

A Squadron consists of 2 or more wings under the command of a Captain. A squadron reports to their flight leader.

2.2.2 Wings

A wing consists of 2 or more fighters under the command of a Commander. Pilots report to their Wing Commander

2.2.3 Crews

A crew consists of two or more people operating a multicrew ship, and operate under the command of a Captain. Crews report to their captain.

2.3 Platoon

A platoon consists of two or more teams led by an Captain who also leads one of the member teams. Platoons report to the Corps leadership directly.

2.3.1 Squad

A squad consists of two or more foot soldiers under the command of a Commander. A squad reports to their squad leader.

Article III– Rules of Conduct

  1. Members of the Corps are to respect other members of the Corps as a brother. There is no class within the Corps. There are only those who are in the Corps… and those who are not.
  2. Although the Corps has no objection to piracy, griefing is not acceptable. Any freelancer engaging in piracy is expected to follow Corps doctrine regarding such.
  3. When members of The Corps make a deal, they are expected to follow through with their deal. Reneging on a deal will be dealt with harshly.

Article IV – Partnered Organizations

Official partners of the Corps are listed in this subsection. Being listed as a partner organization does not imply any obligation on the part of the partner organization. Partner Organizations are protected and may not be targeted by members of the Corps for personal gain, unless an official bounty has been posted.

4.1 Official Partners

Wreck Raiders Empyrean Shores

Article V – Changes to the Charter

Changes to the chart can be made by consensus of the Admiralty.

Appendix: Change History

-Updated h4 2.1 – Rank Structure to reflect the changes made effective 11-07-2951 -Updated h4 2.2 – Flights to h4 2.2 – Divisions to reflect changes made effective 11-07-2951 -Updated h4 2.2.1 – Squadrons to reflect the changed made effective 11-07-2951 -Updated h4 2.4 – Platoons to reflect the changes made effective 11-07-2951 -Updated h2 – Article IV – Affiliate Organizations to h2 – Article IV – Partner Organizations to reflect changes made effective 11-07-2951 -Updated h4 2.1 Rank Structure to remove redundant repetition from other relevant documents -Updated h2 Article III Rules of Conduct to reflect changes made effective 06-05-2952 -Updated h2 Article I Purpose to reflect more clear description of such. -Updated h4 2.3.1 -Teams to h4 2.3.1 Squads to reflect the changes made effective 03-06-2954 -Updated h4 4.1 -Official Partners to reflect the changes made 03-06-2954