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Phil A's Steak House / PHILA

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Welcome to Phil A’s Steak House!

Where the sizzling aroma of the finest steaks meets the intoxicating allure of adventure, Phil A’s Steak House is more than just a culinary institution.


In the year 2871, nestled on the bustling, vibrant planet of Bremen II, a culinary enthusiast named Phil Albus Minón fired up the grill of his future empire, a modest establishment known as Phil A’s Steak House. Phil A., a well-seasoned individual with a rare penchant for prime cuts and sizzling steaks, was blissfully unaware that he was about to sear his brand into the universe’s history.

Phil A’s Steak House quickly became the meat and potatoes of Bremen II’s culinary scene, serving the most tender, juicy cuts in the system, if not the entire United Empire of Earth (UEE). Phil A.‘s secret spice mix became the talk of the town, and the steakhouse, much like a well-done steak, was too enticing to resist, drawing a crowd that ranged from interstellar traders to high-ranking politicians.

The Vega Conflict of 2885 marinated the steakhouse’s reputation in a sauce of bravery and valor. Phil A’s Steak House stood its ground as a fortress of nourishment for UEE soldiers. Minón went against the grain, transforming his restaurant into a refuge for troops and delivering ‘combat-ready’ steaks to the frontlines, lending a much-needed boost to the morale of UEE soldiers who were beefing with their adversaries.

However, the relationship with UEE went from rare to well-done in 2891 when Phil A. decided to beef up production by utilizing a unique, genetically-modified strain of cattle. The UEE found this move hard to swallow, declaring it a potential danger to biodiversity, and minced no words in proclaiming Phil A’s Steak House an outlaw operation.

Despite this, Phil A. and his Steak House were no cowards. The establishment continued to serve its patrons under the radar, its steaks symbolizing a delicious form of defiance against the UEE’s regulation.

The Vanduul crisis of 2901 brought a bitter taste to the UEE’s mouth, causing severe food shortages across the systems. In this high-steaks situation, the UEE swallowed its pride and reached out to Minón, whose modified cattle strain held the recipe to resolving the crisis. This paved the way for a meaty reconciliation, with the Steak House being reinstated and its outlaw status tenderized.

In the aftermath, Phil A’s Steak House rose like a phoenix from the grill ashes, expanding its culinary conquest to the hamburger market. The Steak House went from being a single restaurant to a giant, marinated in success and grilled to perfection, acquiring a planet in the Goss System, aptly named “Steakhouse Prime.”

Today, it’s no rare sight to see Phil A’s Steak House’s influence in the universe. They’ve chewed through competition, tenderized challenges, and carved out a name in the history of the UEE. From the sizzling beginnings to the juicy present, Phil A’s Steak House stands as a testament to the power of resilience, the joy of a well-grilled steak, and the undeniable truth: in the universe, as on the grill, a little spice goes a long way.


1. In the Pursuit of Excellence: At Phil A’s Steak House, we pledge to deliver the highest quality of food, service, and culinary experiences. Our commitment to excellence is the marrow of our operations. We refuse to settle for mediocrity and strive to raise the steaks, pushing culinary boundaries with each passing day.

2. Unyielding Valor: In the face of adversity, we stand firm, tough as well-marbled steak. Like the braising heat of a grill, challenges only make us more flavorful. We honor bravery and resilience, both within our ranks and amongst our patrons. We pledge to serve those who serve the UEE, and beyond.

3. Innovation at the Forefront: We believe in pioneering, in sizzling ideas that disrupt the status quo. Our genetic cattle breeding program is a testament to this. We shall never cease our pursuit of cutting-edge techniques to keep us on the cutting board of progress.

4. Service to the Stars: At Phil A’s Steak House, we believe in feeding not just bodies, but souls. In times of prosperity and in times of crisis, we stand ready to feed the galaxy. We tenderize troubles with our succulent steaks, ensuring that no stomach in our quadrant goes hungry.

5. Relentless Autonomy: Our organization thrives on its independence. From Bremen II to the far reaches of Vanduul space, we’ve carved out a place for ourselves amidst the stars. We believe in the power of steadfast resolve and self-determination, for it is the independence of our spirit that sets us apart.

6. Defiance in the Face of Adversity: Even as we faced sanctions and outlaw status, we stood undeterred, our resolve seared into our operations. We recognize the trials we’ve endured and the lessons we’ve learned. While we are now an ally of the UEE, we remain committed to defending our right to serve up the best steaks in the galaxy, by any means necessary.

7. Expansion and Growth: From a single restaurant to a planetary empire, our growth has been a testament to our grit. We pledge to expand our influence, one burger at a time, taking our secret spice blend to every corner of the galaxy.

We are Phil A’s Steak House, the culinary beacon in the universe, a testament to resilience, a symbol of unity, and the ultimate purveyor of mouth-watering gastronomic delights. We don’t just serve meals – we serve experiences, grilled to perfection.


Charter of Phil A’s Steak House

Article I – Name and Purpose

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be “Phil A’s Steak House.”

Section 2: The purpose of Phil A’s Steak House is to provide exceptional culinary experiences, foster resilience in the face of adversity, and uphold our steadfast commitment to progress and autonomy.

Article II – Membership

Section 1: Membership to Phil A’s Steak House is open to individuals who share our passion for culinary excellence, unwavering valor, innovative spirit, and independent resolve.

Section 2: All members are expected to adhere to our core principles and values as outlined in our manifesto.

Article III – Governance

Section 1: Phil A’s Steak House shall be governed by an Executive Council, responsible for the strategic direction and decision-making of the organization.

Section 2: The Executive Council will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and other officers as deemed necessary.

Article IV – Meetings

Section 1: Regular meetings of the organization shall be held at such time and place as determined by the Executive Council.

Section 2: All members shall be given notice of regular meetings in advance.

Article V – Amendments

Section 1: This Charter may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Council.

Section 2: Proposed amendments must be circulated to all members at least one month prior to voting.

Article VI – Dispute Resolution

Section 1: Any disputes within the organization shall be addressed through a fair and impartial process as determined by the Executive Council.

Article VII – Compliance

Section 1: Phil A’s Steak House shall operate in compliance with UEE laws and regulations, whilst upholding its rights and autonomy in the face of adversity.

Article VIII – Dissolution

Section 1: In the event of dissolution, all assets and properties of Phil A’s Steak House shall be distributed as determined by the Executive Council, in compliance with the existing laws and regulations.

This Charter shall be the guiding document for Phil A’s Steak House, encapsulating our journey from a humble steak house to a culinary powerhouse, seared into the annals of UEE history.