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Skywalker Exploration & Manufacturing Corporation / PHOENINC

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Welcome to Skywalker Exploration & Manufacturing (SEMCOR)! We are an exploration/manufacturing Org committed to giving you a good, bountiful career and having fun whilst doing so. If you’re interested in joining, feel free to apply!

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SEMCOR formed after the founding members were forced out of the Org they loved by a dictator who was running their beloved Org into the ground. Now, gathered around our charismatic, genius patron Alcatraz Skywalker, we are but humble explorers and manufacturers. We aim to colonise a planet and establish a manufacturing plant where we will produce ships, weapons and equipment designed by Mr. Skywalker and will market them to the masses. We value teamwork and fun above most things and will never compromise friendship or loyalty for money.

At SEMCOR, everyone’s opinion matters. Below our Triumvirate of leaders, a Council relays the members’ opinions and concerns to the Triumvirate who factor this heavily in their decision-making. We talk openly with everyone about the direction we’re going to take, and everyone gets to vote on related Org matters. If you like exploration, engineering, democracy and having good times, SEMCOR is for you!
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Our Lore – Note: The lore is based on real, irl events that took place and shaped the future of SEMCOR. No names will be mentioned as we do not want to resurrect previous animosities.

“Peace is Hell.”
The year 2947 was a peaceful one in the grand scheme of events for the ‘Verse; however, the same cannot be said for the internal affairs of a certain Organisation. This Org had a group of core members who held the values of the Org true, and strove to fulfill the objectives of the Org with pride and passion. They loved this Org, many were veterans who had been involved in it for several years and had built up connections and bonds that would last years to come. There was, however, a problem. The Org’s leader had all the intentions that would suit him wondrously for a position at the helm of the Org and these core members, but that is not how events unfolded…

“Good intentions must be followed with good actions.”
The core group learned this the hard way when their fearless leader developed certain unattractive traits that ill suited him for his position. He began to only see one vision – his. He neglected the input of his close compatriots and friends to run their Org as a one-man-show. The puppet “Council” that had long served as the bridge between the community and the leadership became irrelevant as incidents began occurring that no one had any say over except one person. The seams where already appearing in the wider Org, and the core group feared for the future of the Org they loved so dearly. They were not prepared to let its values crumble through the actions of one tyrant…

“When troops lack discipline, the fault lies with their commander.”
The core group became restless with how their beloved Org was being ran into the ground. A smaller, splinter group formed – realising that this time, all was truly lost – to try and take everyone they had built great ties with and get out before the sinking ship carried them all down with it. The group utilised a very selective recruitment algorithm, as utter secrecy needed to be assured. No word could get escape that a counter-dictatorship group was forming. As they gradually grew in members, their belief and resolve skyrocketed. With each senior figure siding with them, they furthered their claim of independence from dictatorship they were sticking to so valiantly. Days before the final operation was to take place, they realised they had the majority of members of the Org actively pursuing its’ goal – freedom from tyranny, no matter the cost. Still on this high of belief, they were taken aback when an incident occurred that shook the integrity of their operation – an outbreak of pure tyranny that decided the fate of the Org, and true to reputation, it was decided by the leaders’ actions…

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”
One of the most senior figures in the Org was inexplicably removed from the Council for “unruly behaviour,” perfectly understandable in the circumstances. Understand, this was no ordinary Councillor – this was the leaders’ long-time right hand man, who had been with him through thick and thin, and was always ready to stand up and support him. He commanded an immense amount of respect and was a hugely popular figure in the wider community. Naturally, this caused an outrage in the whole community and inevitably marked the beginning of the end for the Org. The senior figure decided that enough was enough, he rallied support and the group prepared for the end…

“The things we love destroy us.”
The time had come. Enough was enough and the core group could not stand watching their pride and joy be ruined by one tyrannical dictator. They spent weeks preparing, planning, and then, the fateful day arrived. They sent their final goodbye messages, and one by one, trickled out of the initial wound created by the dictator – they turned their backs on that controlling, manipulative form of governance. Many flocked to their banner of independence. Others felt the same way, but had been too scared to leave or simply didn’t want to lose the friends and connections they had forged. Several others who had turned their backs in disgust in the past heard about the separation and reunited with their old friends in the new operation. By the end of the day, nearly three quarters of the total Org had sided with them and freed themselves from the chains of tyranny with the tools supplied by the independence group. It broke their heart, but when they turned away from the smouldering wreckage they had left behind them, a new dawn was rising from the ashes. For the first time in their lives, the forsaken looked upon the new day with hope – as free citizens, of their own volition…

“Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.”
They deliberated for weeks on the best way to run their own Org without the potential of the past coming back to haunt them. They eventually decided that three leaders with complete, yet equal power with a Council below them to be the bridge between the community and the leadership was the best, least easily-corruptible way of running their operation. They held subsequent democratic elections to determine who would sit on this Triumvirate and the original three who had recognised that a split was necessary were elected and lead the group to this day.

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”
Now the smoke has cleared and the many groups and individuals who gathered behind the one idea of liberation, have formed a new group. Forged on blood, sweat and tears, through much trial and tribulation, Skywalker Exploration & Manufacturing Corporation is born. Its members are but humble builders and pioneers, with no desire other than to stay connected together, and to build new friendships; new bonds, all while making good money of course. Their goal? Nothing specific. Their pride? Each other. Their fate? Their own. With the road ahead open and clear, they sit back and enjoy their creation. With no particular ambition and no one leader, they simply want to stay together and build new bonds, and who knows, maybe even restore old ones.

“We are SEMCOR. We are independent. We are fortitudinous. We are united.”
Modern day SEMCOR is a casual exploration and construction Organisation built on friendship, teamwork, and cooperation. If you’re interested in a great community with a rich history, talented members and our own mini-celebrity, join us today and see the passion we have for Star Citizen and the project. We operate very professionally once on the job, but in your off-time, you can join in the camaraderie, the banter and just general nice, fun people. We have no specific aim, no goal to reach, if you just want to have fun in the ‘Verse with a small yet great group of like-minded people, you’ll fit in just fine with SEMCOR.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

-SEMCOR Triumvirate.


SEMCOR Manifesto:

SEMCOR has one main objective: Discover and colonise a planet on which we will establish a manufacturing plant where we focus on designing and constructing materials (including ships, weapons and armour) using the mind of our patron and founder, Alcatraz Skywalker.

We are a profoundly peaceful Org, but will fiercely defend what is ours, and will require our own militia to do so – hence leaving recruitment open to many areas of interest. Whatever walk of life you tread, SEMCOR will find a place for you


1. Members of SEMCOR must be willing to be active and involved as a hardworking member of the SEMCOR team.
2. Members of SEMCOR must adhere to agreements we have with other Orgs, for example: no-fire laws, territory access and trade.
3. Members of SEMCOR must be friendly and enthusiastic; we want to play with people who share our passion for this game.
4. Members of SEMCOR must respect all decisions made by the Triumvirate; if they have an issue, they may raise it with their elected Council representatives.