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Phoenix Corporation / PHOENIXCRP

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Phoenix Corporation found its way into existence in the Kiel system in the year 2823, founded by a group of traders who lacked the strength to take on the pirate threat.

Initially struggling to get their goods to their clients because of constant pirate raids, the Founders recruited their own security force and scouts. After a few years it became apparent that having internal research and development branches was a necessity.

Having put up an extensive network of contacts, it was not hard to find the right people for the job. By adding R&D, Phoenix Corporation became the fully fledged corporation you see today.

In the following years we have grown and prospered and have become one of the most respected corporations near Terra. Today we are looking to honor our legacy and expand into other systems, both UEE and beyond.


Phoenix Corporation’s Mission is to provide the strength and resources to fulfill the wishes of our Clients.
Here are just a few examples of the services we offer:

  • Supplying Goods to Clients
  • Providing Protection to Merchants that hired Phoenix Corporation.
  • Collecting Bounties on Criminals & Pirates.
  • Initiate a “Search & Destroy” mission on the enemies of Phoenix Corporation and/or Allied Organisations.
  • Exploring the vast reaches of space in search of new Technologies and Advancements.
  • Provide a Scouting Service for those that need it.
  • Manufacture Goods that are in High Demand.

In short, we will be equipped to meet any challenge thrown at us.


Our Way Of Life

  • Quality > Quantity.
  • We will not be a strict group. Play when you see fit. Real life comes first!
  • We may not always follow UEE laws if those laws go against our own principles.
  • We accept all roles except Privateering and Piracy.

Benefits Of Joining Us

  • Freedom to join one or more of the following divisions: Enforcement{1}, Reconnaissance{2}, Commerce{3}, Diplomacy{4}, Financial{5} & Racing{6}.
  • Transparency & Voice: Through community participation & feedback, we can shape the company to your likings by sharing your interesting and unique ideas.
  • Freedom to play the way your want to play, as long as it doesn’t interfere with Phoenix Corporation.
  • Free ship insurance of the ships that you use to complete missions & quests given to you by Phoenix Corporation.
  • Lease a company ship without any strings attached if you happen to be without one.
  • Short on UEC? No problem! We will loan you some so you can get the item(s) you wanted.
  • And many more!

{1}: Bounty Hunters, Militia, etc.
{2}: Scouts, Explorers, etc.
{3}: Traders, Miners, etc.
{4}: Ambassadors, Diplomats, etc
{5}: NOTE: You’ll need to be approved by the CEO & CFO before being able to join this Division
{6}: Tweaked to be fun for both casual & hardcore racers!