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Photography Club / PHOTO

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Star Citizen’s most acclaimed Photography Club.


Welcome to the Star Citizen Photography Club.

We are an informal organization of photographers, artists, and videographers dedicated to documenting and showcasing the beauty of the ‘verse and sharing tools and techniques with the rest of the community.

Affiliates are welcome, full membership is not required.

Share your work and join the conversation:



We are open to applications and will accept anyone who is interested in contributing to the community! We do not accept bots, alt accounts, or spammers/trolls. All photographers are welcome, from absolute beginners to veterans, and we have all skill levels represented in our group.

Our Mission

As a community we want to provide a warm and welcoming space for fellow photographers and content creators and help enable them to hone their craft by providing helpful and constructive criticism, instruction, and general support.

Moderation Team



These rules are copied from our Discord server, where the majority of community interaction takes place.

  1. Keep discussion focused on Star Citizen, screenshot art, or photography in general. Keep discussion in each channel related to the topic of that channel.
  2. Mark NSFW content clearly. Mark NSFW screenshots/photographs with a spoiler tag (and remember rule #1).
  3. Be respectful of each other and each other’s work, and expect honest critique when posting your own work.
  4. When posting more than three images at a time, post a gallery link via Flickr, Spectrum, Imgur, or your own website instead of uploading each photo individually.
  5. Do not post invite links to other Orgs or Discord channels – instead directly message users who are interested.