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=MGN=Phsyro is a clan friendly for those who want to relax, enjoy a game and have fun.

There are no rigorous join requirements, no stringent expectations just a group of people who want to relax and have some fun.


Dating back to 2012 =MGN= began as a place for friendly & mature gamers to compete in a way that was fun and friendly in some otherwise-hardcore games.

Thanks to the love of our fans we have grown past 20,000 members Your text to link here…, have 2 of our own apps (search =MGN= in your app store) and are building our very own 3D virtual social network.

We have big ambitions to take our digital way of life to the world through a project we call “Project Sapphire Dawn,” a project to create civilization in a digital space.


=MGN= Phsyro – Positive, Friendly & Mature
Welcoming people to an incredible virtual way of life!

Every year games are becoming more and more real,
the improved graphics,
& the underlying connectivity
are not only leading to a revolution in games
but how people interact in general.

Virtual worlds are becoming
this incredible place to
make life-long friends
and treasured memories.

Sadly many of these great virtual worlds are ruined by salty, unfriendly, unwelcoming gamers that spoil the community.

=MGN= exists to change that.

Our vision is to impact this amazing community
in such a genuinely positive way
that it remains truly friendly
even as it begins to really take off.

It all begins with Operation Outreach:

Goal: Find new players as they arrive, make them feel truly welcome, connect with, and train them.

Things you might not like:
- No talented combat divisions as of yet
- No aim to shoot for or be on leaderboards
- Not open to bombastic loud mouths
- Org not welcoming to those who take things too personally

What different about our org?
- Relevant & active in Star Citizen Alpha right now
- Not locked to any profession
- Open to placing newly integrated members in orgs that better suit them
- Casual


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