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Parisian Pigeon / PIGEONLYFE

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History of Parisian Pigeon

It was the year 2945, when the former UEE special forces lead by codename: TurtleDove were spending their holidays on Vega II to celebrate the end of their service and the transition to civilian life. The celebration was well deserved, as during their entire career in the UEE, there was always one question in each of their minds: How are we still alive?

They were known for their rather unconventional methods to succeed in their missions, with one general associating the quote: “Yeet Fleet, Repeat”, referencing a time in which they “commandeered” multiple ships to eventually crash them into an enemy fleet. Other times, they were put on probation for borrowing a military transport, filling it with 30 greycats so they could race them on a planet. During quantum travel, the vehicle bay opened up after one member and all greycats were lost in the vacuum of space. Worried that they would be demoted, they very slowly made their way back to home base. While this could have marked the end of their careers, they later find out that the velocity of a greycat cluster exiting quantum was enough to incapacitate a Vanduul Cruiser. They received a transmission that remains of a Vanduul ship were found drifting in space after a large explosion was caught on scans. The admiral was impressed by their unusual but effective tactics and promoted each member instead.

These are but a couple of the numerous events that defined the Pigeon during their years of service in the UEE. However, their “luck” followed them even into their holiday on Vega II. Almost the same instant their decommissioned ships landed on the planet, they received the alerts of the Vanduul attack on their MobiGlases, and a secret transmission from Admiral Bishop who was en-route to the system. The transmission had only one 3 words: “Please yeet fleet”. Almost instantly, and with the desire to live up to their reputation, they hopped back into their ships and made their way to space to engage the Vanduul fleet. Modifying some of the ships automated systems and setting their quantum drives to spool, they flanked the enemy, and aimed their quantum jump points to each other through the Vanduul ships. With a timer set to 1 min before jumping, they each abandoned ship.

After what seemed like an eternity, all their ships engaged quantum through a smaller fleet of Vanduul ships and decimated them.
With emergency beacons set and Admiral Bishop arriving in Vega II, they were each picked up in space and awarded a medal after the battle was won. With the losses of their ships and through their excellent service to the UEE, they were given one of the older decommissioned Aegis Hammerheads.
This was the beginning of the flock as we know it now.

Contact Information:

Discord: Click Here to Join!


Parisian Pigeon as an Organization:

Parisian Pigeon serves as a private military organization that uses their expertise in fleet tactics and ground combat to support other organizations, fight pirates, and protect business ventures across the verse.

Their specialties include, but are not limited to:
- Anti Piracy Operations
- Convoy & Mining
- Ground Combat Missions
- Tactical Ship Acquisitions
- Heavy & Professional Yeeting

In the year 2950 we are looking for following roles:
- Fighter Pilots to fill our main Squadron
- Gunners for our Hammerhead
- Crew & Staff for our other ships in the fleet

With ships such as the Idris and Kraken at the top of the fleet, we provide a role for everyone, from medical to combat, exploration to mining, and simply being a part of our community.

Feel free to join the flock and head over to recruiting to become a fledgling!


Being part of the flock is being part of a community that protects one another.
Parisian Pigeon isn’t just your normal organization.
When we aren’t on a mission trying to hunt down a bounty or clear out hostile bases, we are flying Starfarers loaded with Greycats to race on microTech.

Come and join the flock, see new places and people, and engage in some of the most coordinate chaos ever.
Be excellent to each other and revel in that chaos, panic and disorder like a true Pigeon!