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Pioneer Exploration & Services / PIONEER

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Welcome to Pioneer Exploration & Services

“The spirit of discovery.”

For more information please view our corporation manifesto and charter!

Est 2943


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.

The Founding of Pioneer

Ever since the human race started reaching for the stars in 2075 due to the early efforts of Roberts Space Industries, and eventually finding and mapping the very first Jump Point in 2271, mankind has had the need to explore and uncover the mysteries of the cosmos.
Following in the fine and ancient tradition of Nick Croshaw and the many NavJumpers who followed in his footsteps, ambitious Citizens Aloysius Knight and Xynith Corvus both saw the need and potential in expanding the field of exploration further.
Knowing that exploration and navigation in the depths of space is as much technology as it is instinct, they established Pioneer Exploration & Services, a private venture company in 2943, and finally official corporation in 2944, as a means to continue funding and organizing expeditions into the void. Using this as a pillar upon which to build, they hope to continue researching future exploration technologies and techniques for generations to come.
With Pioneer now opening it’s doors to offers of membership, we hope it will attract interested parties, and fresh and experienced explorers alike. We hope together we can cement the future of exploration and associated technology in the uncertain years to come.


Pioneer Exploration & Services is a blanket corporation established for many purposes, primarily exploration, engineering, resource collection & management, and trade. Understanding that a corporation is only as good as the sum of it’s parts, we will be hiring people from many different back grounds and walks of life. We will, over time, be attempting to create jobs for people in many of our primary fields, as well as extensive logistics with which to support them.

Our goals include many things, including but not limited to;

Exploration Goals

We will be setting up a large Exploration Division, to explore and illuminate all sections of the galactic map, as per our primary purpose. Some missions will be longer or larger then others, so staff in this division are recommended to use ships with longevity and preferably berths in which to rest and maintain your progress. A Jump Drive and appropriate Data-logging components are a must. Goals will include;

  1. Discovering and charting Jump Points, and laying claims/naming rights wherever possible.
  2. Survey of known systems, and any newly discovered systems beyond Jump Points.
  3. Deep space exploration where ever possible, including possible ‘deep jump’ ventures beyond the accepted norms/borders.
  4. Ground exploration on planets and planetoids/asteroids.
  5. Keen interest in the discovery and charting of derelict vessels, stations and outposts.

Eventually the overarching goal of the company is to break into the field of engineering new exploration technologies, bringing the latest to the field of exploration and beyond!

Engineering & Resource Management

Along side exploration of the universe, we will be seeking to establish an engineering section experienced with resource gathering and production. To achieve this it may take considerable resources, which will hopefully be scouted and claimed by the Exploration Division. Staff in this division would have an interest in salvaging, resource collection, research and development, and should sortie ships accordingly.
Goals in this field may include;

  1. Foundation of resource nodes.
  2. Collection of resources from both planetary bodies, asteroids and salvage from wreckage.
  3. Gas collection and fuel refining. This may also enable extended range exploration missions to take place.
  4. Production of fuel and refined resources for trade.
  5. Possible production of ship components and other equipment for both player use and open market.


In order to profit from collected resources or manufactured equipment, we will be pursuing trade contracts where ever possible within the realms of UEE space and possibly beyond. Interested members would have a keen retail sense and ability to transfer goods where required, so ships with cargo capacity would be essential. There would also be opportunities for members with a flair for marketing to shine in this field.
Goals will include;

  1. Establish market trade for resources and equipment to further research and development/engineering goals.
  2. Attempt possible inter-species trade relations with UEE-aligned alien nations.
  3. Attempt to establish possible trade with other Citizen owned and run organisations.
  4. Marketing of goods to the public.

Defense of Company and Assets.

Most of the above cannot take place in a universe fraught with danger without the aid of professional escorts and combat specialists. To that end, it may require that you outsource for assistance in your endeavors. This could also included infantry based security for scouting or exploration parties on foot, be it on a derelict, a planet or station, or from hostile boarders. Such things you may require people to do may include;

  1. Combat Space Patrol (CSP) missions.
  2. Escort and Defensive flying missions.
  3. Ground or space based infantry fire teams, both for offensive and defensive purposes.

Try to keep in mind what obstacles you may face on your journey and plan accordingly. It may be a company goal to provide corporate backed defense assets in future, and likely a list of preferred mercenaries to which we outsource.

Non-Piracy Policy

Here at Pioneer we will be trying a non-piracy policy. Those who wish to engage in piracy threaten the company’s legitimate businesses, and are there for discouraged from partaking in such activities. We will not tolerate pirates flying company colours, and offenders will be out of employment.

While hopefully there will be a place for people of all interests in Pioneer Exploration & Services, it is sometimes difficult to encompass something as vast as this universe. If there is a field that staff feels we have neglected or a skill set they feel they can bring to the company, please feel free to contact Human Resources or a Board member to discuss it.

We are now open to recruiting, so if you wish to seek employment at Pioneer, please keep in contact, as we applicants will now be under review!


Here at Pioneer, we enjoy a co-operative and friendly environment. To ensure the enjoyment, participation and betterment of all involved, we have a number of basic company guidelines that members must adhere to. These guidelines will be outlined in sections below as they are generated and agreed upon.

1. Company Personnel Relations

Interacting with other members. We would appreciate if members interactions could be kept friendly and professional. We will not tolerate;

  1. Inflammatory messages, be they in game, private message, company chat system or otherwise.
  2. The above also applies to racism, sexism, nationalism etc. Closed minded and vitriolic attitudes will not be accepted.
  3. Any sort of intentional griefing other members, for your own gain or amusement or that of others.
  4. Inflammatory rumors, about other members or others.
  5. Picking on new players or members for their inexperience.
  6. Perverse/adult conversational topics on the company chat, please keep chat PG13+. If the content is NSFW in real life, it’s NSFW here.

2. Inter Company & Community Relations

While we will simultaneously be attempting actively negotiate safe trade relations and mitigate damage to members and company property, there are certainly things you can do to help. Just try to remember the following!

  1. How you interact with the community can help or hinder a corporation as a whole.
    1. Be helpful where ever possible, today’s stranger could be tomorrow’s ally!
    2. Try to be helpful to new players, provided it doesn’t put you too far out of your way.
    3. Try to keep Section 1 of this charter in mind when dealing with members of other factions, especially trade and manufacturing partner companies.
    4. Co-operation on certain operations will be required between factions on occasion, especially operations that entail large amounts of logistics or support. All parts are integral for success, no matter how small.

3. Non-Piracy Policy

Pioneer is not a pirate organisation, therefor unauthorized piracy is not permitted in the interest of the corporation. Anyone engaging in unauthorized pirate activity or actively consorting with pirates will have their membership terminated.1

4. Role Player and non-Role player Interactions

While we are listed as a role play enabled organisation, we understand that not everyone is active in that capacity and are just looking for an enjoyable play experience. As an equal opportunity employer we thought it would be in our best interests to attract all members of the community, including the diverse role playing community.
The company asks that members that do not role play, kindly not to ruin the experience for those that do, as this would be largely in breach of rules in Section 1 of this Charter.
Who knows, if you haven’t tried it before perhaps you will enjoy it!

5. Player Commitments

We and Pioneer understand that not everyone has the time for full time commitment, and therefor has rated our status as casual at this time. However, we would urge players to assist the company on a semi-regular basis to see it flourish for all involved.

6. Time Zones

Currently the Board members are based in an Oceanic time zone (UCT +10) but we are hoping to expand so we have players of every time zone online. This will hopefully include management and moderation positions so members have someone to refer to or confide in when necessary. We will be looking to diversify into different time regions to keep operations active throughout most of the day.

Any of the above should be reported to human resources staff or members of the board – preferably with proof – at which time the perpetrators can be dealt with in a manner befitting their transgressions.

1 Any players wishing to engage in piracy etc are welcome to do so under a different guise, be that an alt character etc under the condition you do not attack the company, it’s employees, it’s assets, or it’s allies. We do however urge players to please make management aware of your decision, who will maintain complete discretion.