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Pi Operations / PIOPS

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Pi – Neverending and universal. We do it all.

General inquiries: Soleith
Military & Combat Ops: HonsouUndivided and Foxbat76
Exploration & Science: J_Robz
Mining & Trade: Devils_Delight


Dictum meum pactum

Pi has had a long and storied (but subtle) influence on the workings of humanity from our earliest beginnings in the naval exploration of Earth, to helping bring down corrupt governments of the old style nation states. As times have changed, so have we and as humanity has begun to explore the stars, Pi has continued its expansion, working for the betterment of the universe, usually unobserved, always effective.


Scientia potentia est

Pi is an organisation which conducts wide-ranging operations. Foremost in our minds is always that we have played an important part in shaping the universe as it is today, and will continue to do so as we go forward. We owe our allegiance to no empire or race and work with our own code and moral framework for the betterment of the universe, sometimes within the law, sometimes not.

Our goal is enlightenment and prosperity for all, with the caveat that some knowledge is too dangerous for the uninitiated. We accomplish this with everything from simple jobs such as protecting trade routes, through to exploration of the far reaches of the galaxy.

No job is too big or small for Pi, however we only accept commissions which align with our ultimate goals. We may take your job for 1 UEC, we may ask for UEC 1M, we may ask for no money at all but an unnamed favour at a future date. Payment can take so many forms and with resources as vast as ours, money is not always paramount, but success is guaranteed.

Our members will be able to use our impressive pool fleet for sanctioned ops.


No member of Pi Ops may perform any activity which endangers a currently ongoing or planned future Pi Ops operation.